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• 3h

Well this was a fun day

Tho being a cold and rainy day, we had weapon practice and it was awesome! Had to practice weapon use in tight spaces. We went from 15m to 5m and the closer you are going to your target, the faster you had to shoot, in the end it was 2 shots for each step. Sadly enough there were no pics allowed, so I'm sorry for that.
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• 4h

Warlord or Shaman?

So they're both heroes I've never really touched, but recently I've been enjoying them. So I was wondering which one I should grind up to my Warden's level at around rep 8
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• 4h

After a discussion in a discord server i realized something...

The base/default hero we all start with is the person that mastered their art/style and now the character we play as and customize is our own characters that we made into the FH universe and we made their legacy, so really light spamming characters/people are legends for slashing at the flash of wind.

So if you don't understand what im saying if you play the default character you are playing the legend of their class and who created their art of battle *_*.

Also the Vortiger reveal is THE Vortiger except for the weapon and after you collect gear for him you turn into one of his Black Priors, mind blown
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• 5h

Breach Defenders that use the rope from go...'re using it wrong.
Google Image Result for…
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• 6h

Full helmets for vorty confirmed

You can rest now XD
New executions next week
New ice effect
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• 6h

Damien's Departure...

...means most of the big 4H projects are likely close to being finished.

Look for talk of For Honor 2 in 2020.
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• 6h

Content of the week

some boring ass effect. Really boring. Dont worry about it.

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• 7h

Add this ledge sound effect...
Goofy Yell
Goofy Yell YouTube
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• 8h

So I was bored one day...

And I decided to look at the fandom's description of all the characters. For the most part everything was correct and i even learned some things but I was surprised to see that the descriptions of Warlord's and Raider's weapon is incorrect.

The fandom says that Warlord uses a gladius (incorrect) and a shield (basically correct). Warlord actually uses a Ulfberght and round shield, the shield doesn't really matter but the sword does.

It says that Raider uses a Long Axe, which is a tool that was a full 10 inches shorter than Raider's axe, when he actually uses a Dane Axe, which is a weapon of war.

This didn't make me mad or anything I just thought it was interesting and I was wondering if anyone else noticed it.
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• 12h

Hardcore learning shalion...

Mainly gonna get him up to rep 10... Or try too...
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• 12h


That feeling of matchmaking at 6am and being placed against people 190 reps above me and getting completely trashed by low tier heroes....phew that was rough. Wish more people played the game
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• 12h


Surprised no one saw the similarities.
I saw the trailer and instantly remember dantes inferno
You can say this crusader is in one of the Circles of Hell: "ForHonor"
Wish i had a better pic of Vortiger.
Wish they gave him a big ass scythe lol
And let it be known that Vortiger. His Nickname will be Dante lol
Post image
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• 16h

Another meme.

Got this idea from a Bricky video.

Post image
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• 16h

New Meme

Seeing a group of enemies by a cliff be like...

Post image
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• 17h


Curious how Conq turns out debating on repping him up would like to see what I'm getting into
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• 18h

Vortiger in a nutshell

Warden + Conquer = Vortiger
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• 20h

Rage Mail

Is it just me who gets rage mail everytime I play For Honor? I'm not even joking I can't play 2 matches without someone going "wow nice zone spam" or "even when you ganked me you still lost" (that last one was annoying) today I barely played 45 mins and I got two people telling me how bad I am. I just want to see if anyone else is going through the same thing.

Ps. On the weekend I might post a compilation of rage mail I get
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• 21h

Announcement: The time has come

I am going to be spending more time on myself. I will still be here but no where near as much as before.

Part of the reason I enlisted the help of the new mods is so that I can have a bit more freedom. I trust the mods to take care of most things and if needed they can reach out to me. A chain of command so to speak.

I will not be reading every single comment like I was before. I am going to be turning my focus to myself and a few other behind the scenes fandom things.

I just wanted to make you all aware because I will likely be gone for several days at a time. Then when I am around it will likely only be for a brief moment.

I hope you all had a wonderful day. I will see you when I see you.
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• 21h

AC3 reference?

Don’t know if anyone thought about it, but centurions gladius set called Aquila seems like a reference to the ship in AC3
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• 21h

Alright people I have news you lot seem to still ignore I guess

All the new harbingers are going to be a new class called "Voyager" and Lunar told me this some time back and I still would like to see a new class but it rather be called "Harbinger".

And now I'm realizing how east it is to make steel in this game dang lol (btw I'm at 10k steel wish me luck along the rest of the way :3)
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