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Pretty funny
For Honor Mains Described in One Sentence
For Honor Mains Described in One Sentence YouTube
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• 2h

To The People Who Scream Balance:

It isnt happening.

Deal with it.

For Honor will never be 'balanced'.

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• 3h

What's you're favorite weapon

I'm bored so I just wanted to have a conversation
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If the Fandom was in for honor

Part 4: kill the traitor

6 voices for killing me.... Something wrong?😂

,,It's settled then... ", ithmari said in a quite voice.

The Fandom members looked at Droenov with a dark view in their eyes.

Droenov:,, That's also how it's going to be like, hm?"

He shooked his head and continued, while holding his crossbow... Ready to fire.

,, I thought you all were a little bit better then that but ok, I can see that I can't change anything right now in your mind but do you think."

His voice changed from a childish voice into a serious one.

,, dO. YoU. ThiNK. I. WIll. jUst. LET. YoU. kill. mE?!"

After that a explosive bolt crashed into the floor before them.

,, You missed idiot", winter said.

,, you are the idiot here when you can't see a warnshot ", arch says in playful voice knowing what's gonna happen now.

The Fandom quick hid behind a wall as droe starts to shoot again.

Ithmari:,, And now? Must admit that he knows how to use that thing..."

Khaotic had finally an idea.

,, welp there is only one way to him isn't there, we just can run at him trying to watch out....".

,, THAT'S YOUR PLAN?! ", Haru screemed and slapped khaotic.

,, YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT!", with this word ginger wanted to to charge at the enemy only to see he wasn't there anymore.

Droenov pov

Yeah, yeah just think about a damn stragedy ya morons. I laughed slightly and walked along the halls.
They probably gonna follow me tho.... Well hehe that's gonna be fun to watch!
I sat down on the floor and wait for the people.

Ithmari pov

FASTER! I screamed as we charged until we saw that motherfucker again. He.... Just sat there with a smile and cleaned his crossbow.

Droenov:,, Nice to hear from you all again ^^, tell me how cool is it to be born with such stubborn? "

I got pissed and started running but then BAM! I ran into a damn trap full of needles. A crumble in pain as I felt the pain in my legs.

Droenov:,, uhh looks hurtfull, well at least you won't run away hahahaha."

,,Ith come back... ", arch says and walk upon droe.

Droenov:,, seriously... You want to pass the traps... Dude ya blind. "

,, The voices will guard me...", arch continues.

Droenov pov

Seriously come on HOW?! He is already at the half.

I stood up and prepared my crossbow. And aimed at a explosion trap.

,, ARCH CAREFULL!", A orochi screamed as I shot at the trap and it made a big beautiful explosion.

,, WUNDERFULL! EXCELLENT..... WTF?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!", I screamed as he still stood there with no scratch.

Arch:,, The voices told me the problem in your syste...".

He shouted in pain as a bolt hit his shoulder.

,, Tell your voices they should drive to hell... ".

So who is next I asked to myself.....

Winter began to sprint at me full of rage I began do fire.


,, C'mon I try to work here! ", I shouted as he rolled around like a moron.

I had enough and hit the crossbow right in his face.
He cursed.

Well guys that's it for today I will continue tomorrow see ya 😔
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• 4h

Took me awhile but as requested by Winter

I show my complete conq and crimson RAH!
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• 6h

One meme sample

I know the meme is not fh related bet the rest will be. Just playi n around with templates
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• 6h

For honor meme pack v2

I need good apps, templates, ideas, and I'll make a dozen more memes. I've only.made 2 and I've used all the templates I've seen from the last meme pack.
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• 6h

#ForHonor "That better be a thumbnail"
#ForHonor "That better be a thumbnail" YouTube
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• 10h

Final Product!

This is my movie poster project XD
I'll update the pic to a digital version if I ever get the time to transfer the pdf to my phone (idk if it would work tho)
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• 13h

OwO wats dis

Nuxia ain't half bad. Change my mind.
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• 16h

Everything you need to know about the perks

Here you go guys, this link will take you to a web site where you can get all the information about perks and their combinations.
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• 18h

who wants to play with me on pc

uplay username: codex-2099
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• 18h

If the Fandom was in for honor

Part 3: The mercenary and the traitor

,,HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WALK KHAOTIC?! ", a pissed centurion said.

,,Shut it Cent!", khaotic shouts and threw water on his face.


The Fandom members shook their head at winters sentence and kept going.

They new they were near the place the old man said.
And they were right in front of them an old ruin and a moaning person in pain.

Ithmari:,, WHAT HAPPENED?!"

,,Stay away from the ruin traveler.... Evil is in there.", the person said as he faded away into the afterlife.

Arch:,, Shall your soul rest in peace.... BWAHAHA ".

All looking confused at arch. As they continue to go into the ruin.
5 min later a voice appears.

???:,, It gets dark outside there and you go into a ruin?! ARE YOU NUTS! I like you already...."

The members go deeper in the ruin as the voice appears again.

???:,, Gosh you really are idiots aren't you? Good you all are here because of something... But what? Maybe treasure.... Maybe vengeance or maybe you are just a little bored. I won't judge you for it! "

Khaotic:,, I don't have a good feeling about this..."

Shogun:,, Me nether, when a psycho is with us in a old ruin. "

Arch:,, I hope you don't mind me there....."

Shogun:,, No I mean Mr mysty voice ".

???:,, What a lovely name there! But seriously now.... "



After these words the Fandom consider to walk ahead and went into a room. Symbols everywhere.
(skyrim puzzle incoming!).

Khaotic looked at the symbols and was going to take a risk pushing a button and for surprise the door in front of them opens it was hidden.

The walked ahead after they met a dude.

He was wearing a leather armor with fur and some Metall parts and had a crossbow.
He had green eyes and a beard in a dark brown.
They knew right in the moment who it was and hate came up in their hearts.

Droenov:,, Hmm... You look a bit pissed over there, look I know you all wanna kill me badly but listen I had no joice! Whatever you heard is wrong!

Ithmari was about to rush at him and kill him.

,, Don't ith, we have to think together what to do now.
We all gonna judge him ", haru said.


1) Leave him... We aren't prepared now, we gonna judge him another time, DROENOV! Come with us for now.

2) Talk to him and let him join, won't be easy to get something out of him.

3) KILL HIM. He is a traitor and deserves to die! He is the cause of all the problems here and killed all of you.

What's your choice?
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• 18h

Every season explained in a sentence

Season 1 wow this game is cool
Season 2 what's honor? Also fuck centurion
Season 3 hey the knights won... Cool
Season 4 oh the vikings won that's... Weird
Season 5 oh they won again damn
Season 6 umm they won again that's neat
Season 7 oh shit new characters cool!
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• 18h

I swear

If they don’t have a test your metal thing like they did before but with daubeny as a AI I’m quitting for honor
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• 19h

Got new ideas for modes

Maybe they should make a 1v1v1 like in the story mode there would be like 1 knight 1 viking and 1 samurai dooking it out and it would be called TRIP for the next one I think we should do like a dominion and skirmish put together but more players could play so it would be a giant mosh pit of death also it would be called DANGEROUS ORGY

Cons: you would probably get ganked a lot in trip and in dangerous orgy is just all the modes put together
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• 20h

Milk then Cereal


Cereal then Milk
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• 20h

Fuck marry kill

Light spam, Parry, unblocable
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• 21h


so i was doing the weekly arcade thing to try and get the effect with a friend and we got to the two nuxias and idk what the fuck it was with them my conq had higher then the recommended armor score but they did so much damage my heavys were doing a little but above what my lights normally do and everytime theyd gb me they could throw me straight down even if i still had stamina but the best part is they had non of these things listed as a buff or nerf thing so idk
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