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And Stay Out is the second Knight campaign story mission. The story is about the Warden Knight, recruited into the Blackstone Legion by Holden Cross , who is sent to the Harrowgate Sanctuary in Ashfield. Her assignment is to aid the Iron Legion in their defense against a Viking attack and capture 3 zones within the Citadel.  New players will be given further instruction on how to play the Warden character (currently one of the four available classes for the Knights ) There are 5 Observables and 5 Breakables in this mission.

Conversation in the initial cutscenes:

"That Warden proved more than worthy, but there was still much work to be done. The Vikings were about to destroy the last Iron Legion's sanctuary in Ashfield. " - Apollyon

Warden: There are many Legions. The Iron Legion is the greatest among them but in Ashfield - the Iron Legion was about to be routed. Their Commander - Stone, needed an army. Holden Cross sent me. 

Commander: "Blackstone! Where are our reinforcements?"

Warden: "I'm it."

Commander: *shakes head* "Is this a joke? Open the gate! Lead us out Blackstone. Good Luck."

Warden: The battle was already lost - I needed to change that. 


As the Warden steps through the gate, the player will first need to eliminate an initial set of soldiers and push the Front. Ashfield is literally on fire, so beware that hazard but use it to your advantage when possible. Watch for at least two pick-ups nearby. New players will be given instruction on how to Dodge. After pushing the Front, the Warden will need to capture three zones in the citadel. Players will spawn a checkpoint after each zone is cleared. After capture, players will cross a battlement and on reaching the second zone, new players will learn about chain attacks, and how to view their moveset while in-game. Viewing the moveset in story mode will pause the action. A Catapult pick-up will be in the second zone. 

The player will need to fight their way to the third zone, first on the ground, and then up a ladder. After clearing out the tower, head back down the ladder and into the fray, defeating both soldiers and hero AI's. The goal here is to push the enemies out of the Front. Player's will hear the Commander mention that he is impressed. New/Easy players will learn how to do a Zone Attack and how Stamina affects gameplay. After killing the last soldier, the Warden will face off with A Valkyrie as the Viking leader. More enemy soldiers will filter in but do not interfere with the fight. When this scene is over, another cutscene will start featuring the Warden and the Commander. 

Commander: "Not bad Blackstone. Not bad at all. Pretty sure I could have done it by myself... but..."  




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