Apollyon - the samurai have breached the gate
Apollyon is the final mission of the Samurai Story Campaign. The Samurai have marched to the fortress of the Blackstone Legion on the path made clear by the Iron Legion. With revenge as the goal, The Orochi begins the hunt for Apollyon. This mission has nine Observables and 5 Breakables.

All the lands are washed with Viking looters. Our own Legions war against one another. And now, the Emperor's Champion knocks at my door, with an army. This will be a day for wolves. - Apollyon

Initial Cutscene

Apollyon: "Reinforcements! Do not lose this courtyard!"

Commanders: "The Samurai have reached the second gate. Here they come!"

Commanders: "Master. Iron Legion, outside our walls." 

Apollyon looks outside and spots the Iron Legion and Holden Cross in the distance. 

Apollyon: There you are, and just what are you doing Holden? 

A catapult fires, aimed directly at the battlement Apollyon and her commanders are on. 

Apollyon: At last. "Move! Hold the Samurai. I'll deal with the Iron Legion."

- - - 

The Orochi: The fortress of the Blackstone Legion. The gates have fallen. The escape tunnels were all blocked. We had them. The catapults were on the upper level. 


The first objective in this final mission is to reach both catapults and disable them. The first room the player enters will have multiple Pick-Ups in them but the player can only carry one at a time. There are flammable devices nearby fighting warriors in the same room so picking up the Fire Arrows and using them first could be an option. Just be aware that anyone in The Orochi's army will also take damage from the explosion. 

Go up the stairs and across the debris to the battlement. There is a catapult on either end, along with enemy soldiers. Use the interactive icons to shut down the catapults. Head back down the debris and stairs and head right (south). Follow the Samurai army into the next area. Watch for Breakables here. There are more Fire Arrows and burnables in this room. The player will need to use them to take out 4 entrances.

Once the entrances are taken care of, meet up with Okuma and then follow him up two flights of stairs to a metal gate. There are more Breakable on the path to the gate. Archers will be firing fire arrows in the area as well. The player will need to protect Okuma while he forces the gate open. The Orochi presumes that Apollyon is somewhere beyond it and needs to get through. Fight several waves of Knights. When the last one is killed, Okuma will have the gate open enough for The Orochi to slip underneath. 

Orochi: Archers! lift faster! 

Okuma: Well it's stuck. NO WAIT. I got it! OROCHI GO! 

(gate shuts as soon as Orochi gets through. Knights appear on Okuma's side) 

Okuma: Go...You got this 

Head east up the stairs. There will be a Steadfast Pick-up nearby. At the top of the stairs, Orochi will encounter a Lawbringer. Continue up the tower and fight a Peacekeeper and a Conqueror. There is also another Breakable and more Pick-ups at the top. Head west to the next tower and Orochi will comment "I could hear Knights slaying Knights." GO up the stairs into the tower and a cutscene will start. 

Apollyon is here, killing Iron Legion Knights. She notices Orochi

Apollyon: "Finally. The Dawn Empire have arrived."

Orochi: "Yield. Face Justice."  

Apollyon: "I'll pass"

This starts one of three fights with Apollyon. Each one triggered by a health percentage. The banter between the two continues. After taking damage from the first fight, flaming debris will fall, forcing Orochi to the ground. Apollyon will escape. Fireballs and falling debris litter the path as Orochi goes after her prey. She starts up a long stone staircase but sees Apollyon coming down. The second fight takes place here. 

After Apollyon's health has lowered even more, a cutscene will show the two battling at the top of the stairs, both obviously losing stamina. Apollyon leads Orochi to an open area. Debris continues to fall from above. 

Apollyon: "Death waits for us all. The warrior is someone who does not let that stop them from doing what must be done. Come. Warrior."

Orochi: It would be the end.

Apollyon will attack as the cutscene ends. Her strikes are hard and powerful. She will have a Revenge available soon after the fight starts. When she reaches one bar of health, the fight will end and the final cutscene starts. 

Final Cutscene

Orochi states "It's over. We will have peace." and starts to walk away. 

"Peace?", Apollyon laughs to herself. "So, what happens now?" She stumbles and nearly falls to the ground. "You all just--go home?" Apollyon uses the strength she has left and throws her sword over the railing. It lands below, the blade piercing the wood on which the Iron Legion and the Samurai stood, facing each other. "Don't speak to me about your virtue. You came into my home and you brought your armies." She laughs again. "What did you think would happen? Peace? That isn't how the world works."

As the Knight and Samurai in front slowly relax, slowly dropping their guard, a Viking war horn sounds in the distance. Both groups turn to look. Below them, the Viking enter the fortress. The Samurai and Knights, spurred on by the Vikings, unheeding of the two leader's attempts to stop them, attack each other as Apollyon continues, "Valor. Kinship. Honor! You've forgotten what you are."

The scene cuts back to Apollyon and The Orochi. "You want war. Only war."

"All I for you to All of you. My..." Apollyon starts to collapse. "Wolves." Apollyon falls to the ground and life passes from her. Orochi looks to the sky and then to the battle below as she contemplates Apollyon's final words. 

Seven years have passed and we see Holden Cross, Jarl Stigandr and Ayu in a stone tower sitting near a bonfire. Ayu has just finished telling her side of the tale. "You know the rest", she says. "Seven more years of bloody war" Holden replies. Stigandr looks up and growls "Apollyon played us all. One against the other. For what?"

Cross: "To weed out the weak."

Ayu: "Why did you call us here Cross?"

Cross: "I didn't. I was sent by the new lord Warden, to make amends."

Stigandr gets up and swings knocking Holden to the ground, then grabs a nearby sword as Holden starts to lift himself off the ground. yelling 


Holden: "Well, here's your chance for vengeance."

Ayu: "We shared our stories like your lord Warden requested. Now, why are we here!"

Holden: "Peace." 

Stigandr growls and walks back to his seat 

Ayu: Helping Holden get up again, "Peace?" 

Stigandr: "Even if it were possible. We're no peacemakers. " 

Ayu: "Is it an unworthy goal?" 

Stigandr: "Well, no." The Warlord stands, looking first outside, then back at his fellow warriors. "Is this how it starts?"

Ayu: "It would have to start with us."

Cross: "We will die in this attempt. You know that." 

Stigandr ponders this for a moment, then looks at the other two warriors and replies with a slight smile, "But it would make a worthy tale."