The best duelists of all types. What they do best is seeking and killing other heroes. They possess very good attacks with lots of possibilities for offense, but they are limited on defense. Unlike other Hero types, Assassins can't hold their blocks, so they need to be timed. Their health pool is the smallest of all hero types.

Swift and lethal. They are quicker than the other heroes and their attacks deal high damage. In Dominion, Assassins score the most Renown points by:

  • Killing enemy heroes.
  • Contesting zones.
  • Killstreaks.

Since Assassins are very efficient in dueling, they are very good picks for Duel or Brawl.

  • They can also be efficient in team-based modes when played correctly.
  • They're fragile and don't hold their block, so outnumbered fights are very challenging with these heroes.
  • In Dominion, they're at their best when they focus on confronting single heroes on the battlefield and capturing zones.
  • In Skirmish and Elimination, their ability to kill other heroes quickly can be very useful, allowing them to first deal with a direct opponent and still be able to help a teammate deal with another.
  • Exclusive counterattack move: the Deflect, performed by dodging in the direction of the attack.

These four feats are common to all Assassin heroes and have the potential to make them even more deadly:

  • Bounty Hunter (Level 1, passive). Regain health and stamina when killing other players.
  • Revenge Attacks (Level 2, passive). Attacks fill the revenge meter.
  • Sharpen Blade (Level 3, active). Attacks have bleed properties for a limited duration.
  • Fear Itself (Level 4, active). Triggers an AOE that debuffs enemies (health, stamina, and speed) and follows you around.

The Assassin heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Peacekeepers are the silent blade, entering and exiting battle, leaving only a trail of death. Agile, they wield a sword and dagger, with which they get in close, cause their opponent to bleed, finally retreating as the enemy's health drains. This ability to get in and out of fights swiftly is doubly important due to the peacekeeper's close range.
  • The Berserkers are terrifying Viking beasts of death, with a brandished hand axe in each hand, using their speed to find targets and their agility to stay alive with their harassing play style. Their choice of weapon grants them the ability to chain together attacks in quick succession, while having the ability to throw their axes over a short distance. Even long ranged fighters should be wary of these warriors.
  • The Orochi roam like ghostly snakes, slaughtering those unfortunate on the way with the katana. Utilizing an assassin fighting style, they are given a balance between harassment and counter-attacking. Their attacks are exceptionally fast; even more so when they evade an attack, but their window for parrying is limited compared to other Heroes.
  • The Shinobi are silent warriors able to move with a dancer’s grace and kill with precision thanks to a lifetime of disciplined training. They wield the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.

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