"The vast forests of our lands are said to be filled with the spirits of beasts. Sometimes those beasts join us on the battlefield: Berserkers. Wild, free, and utterly without fear, they fight with twin axes but their true weapon is their passion. There is an ancient riddle: what is stronger than steel? Blood is our answer; blood and fury."

Berserkers are a playable hero class in For Honor.


Chaotic and brutal dual-axe-wielding Vikings. Their savage love of combat strikes fear into the hearts of most, friend and foe alike. The Berserker fights relentlessly, capable of vanquishing foes before they can mount a decent defense. Unconcerned with their personal safety, they care little for their own defense, focusing instead on killing as many enemies as they can.[1]


Historically, berserkers have been described to charge into battle without armor and wearing the pelts of whatever animals they believe themselves to be possessed by. Like their historical counterparts, the Berserkers wear little armor, only light leather and animals pelts with a mask over their eyes.


Viking Hand Axe - The Viking have turned a common tool into a vicious, highly effective weapon. The hand axe combines speed of handling with the balance required for accurate throwing over short ranges. Their lethality in the hands of blood-crazed Berserkers is legendary.
Viking hand axe1

Viking Hand Axe


  • Historical texts and Icelandic literature describes Viking berserkers as Viking champions that were described to charge into battle in a trance-like, almost animalistic, fury.
    • At the time it was believed this berserk fury was the result of them being possessed by the spirits of animals on the battlefield. Some speculate that it was the result of them consuming a hallucinogenic mushroom while others believe it was self-induced hysteria brought about by concentration and sheer force of will.
    • Despite popular belief, a Berserker's act of going berserk was not due to any form of psychosis, rage or insanity. Many texts describe Berserkers as holding conversations before and during battles.
  • Icelandic literature describes several tribes that they classified as berserkers, each one with a totem animal they worshiped.
    • One tribe in particular were called the berserkir because of the bear skins that they wore to mark their status as berserkir translates roughly to "bear-shirt".


  • Icelandic: Þú ert dauður! – English: "You are dead!"
    • Jumping heavy attack
  • Icelandic: Náði þér! – English: "Caught you!"
    • Deflect guardbreak

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