In For Honor, Bot refers to a non-player hero or minion that is completely controlled by the game. In the Practice Mode, bots are randomly selected as enemy heroes. In the Custom Match , players can alter the type and level of the Bots they fight with or against. Players can play against bots in any multiplayer game mode by setting the mode to 'Player VS AI'. By going into parameters and turning off matchmaking, players can play solo against a team of bots with bots at their side as allies.  

If playing with bots as allies, all ally bots will be the opposite gender of your hero. If you play a male hero, all allied bots will be female. And if you play a female hero, all allied bots will be male. This does not extend to enemy bots, whose gender will remain random.  

Bots have three difficulty levels to them. You can predict which level the AI is by the customization on the hero. Level 1 heroes will have little to no customization. They may wear the different armor by that is the extent of it. Level 2 heroes will have more paint and designs on them as well as wear higher tier armor. Level 3 heroes will be covered head to toe in paint and will likely come with an ornament.  

Despite popular belief, bots do not get increased health or stamina with increased difficulty  

Level 1 Edit

The most basic bot. Lvl 1 bots will mostly perform the basic heavy combos while occasionally throwing in light attacks or unblockables if it is not a zone attack. Three exceptions to this is Shugoki (who will throw light combos), warlord (who is forced to perform light then heavy), and Lawbringer (who is forced to do the same) Their reaction time varies. Sometimes they seem to make no attempt to block your attacks and other times they will succeed in blocking or evading all of them. Another tactic they will occasionally do is throw a light attack in response to a guardbreak or heavy, interrupting you from your action. The aggression of Lvl 1 bots vary with heroes such as Raider, Shugoki, and Highlander being very aggressive and attacking nonstop until their stamina is depleted.

If the player is aggressive and performs combos and not just singular attacks, then defeating Lvl 1 bots should come easy. Lvl 1 bots should be used as a means of practicing other skills such as parrying. While they are vulnerable to spammed moves, especially unblockables, this is discouraged as when they are upgraded to Lvl 2 the player will not have improved.

Level 2 Edit

Lvl 2 bots will begin to make use of their character's full moveset. They will perform both light and heavy combos as well as guard breaks and zone attacks. They are not too aggressive yet not as passive as the Lvl 1. The attacks they perform rather random with very little correlation between you, them, and the environment. They will throw certain combinations more often than others depending on their class, the Raider will do a guardbreak and stampeded charge more often for example, but they do not act based on much else.

If you know the other character's moves you should be able to figure out what is being done and react accordingly. Their reaction time is rather average and they will make active attempts to block your attacks.

Level 3 Edit

The most difficult bot level and with good reason. They will not only take full advantage of every move in the character's arsenal but utilize feints, zone attacks, and the environment around them. They will perform attacks specific to not only their class but your state as well as theirs. If you are out of stamina, they will very likely either perform a guardbreak or feint a heavy into a guardbreak. If you are close to a ledge or hazard, they will attempt to throw you off with not just guardbreaks but any moves they have such as Riposte for Lawbringer, shield bash for Conqueror, stampede charge for Raider, and demon ball for Shugoki. They are also very aware of their own stamina and will not allow themselves to be guardbroken when drained. Their attacks are done with more purpose, such as feinting a heavy then countering the heavy you throw intending to parry. And their reaction time is sharp to the point of parrying lights.

Intimate knowledge of both your moveset and the opponent's moveset is critical. It is unlikely that the player will land a straight out hit. Feinting is a very powerful tool against Lvl 3 bots. Since their defense is so strong, getting them to react and open themselves up is crucial. Parrying is also another vital component since it always leaves the opponent vulnerable for a period. Another important aspect is distance management. At close range Lvl 3 bots are very aggressive and will pound you with attacks so try to keep your distance and close in with opening moves. Also, try to keep track of their stamina. Often times the last move of their chain will drain them dry. If you can parry that last move, you can knock them over and get in some free hits. Ironically, some combos are more effective against Lvl 3 bots than the lower tier ones. An example of this is the Aramusha light chain. Lvl 1 bots do not always actively block attacks so the light chain has a chance to be interrupted by bouncing it into their defense by accident. Whereas the Lvl 3 bots will make an active attempt to stop the light chain and block in its direction but, because of its speed, will react too late.

An easy and fun way to practice against Level 3 bots is to go to training and turn off both your and the opponent's health. This way you can not only practice your combos but observe how the bot will behave without fear of dying.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a bot named 'Lord_Chanka'. This is a reference to the Lord Tachanka meme from Rainbow Six Siege.
  • There is a bot named 'Legendary!'. This is likely a reference to General Tozen's infamous line, "You're a Raider! Legendary!", which has become a meme itself.
  • The bot 'TheeLizardWizard' is a Raider bot named in honor of a now deceased For Honor player, and was added on June 28, 2018. It was done "as (a) part of Ubisoft's initiative to help keep the player's memory alive." ref 1 ref 2