Captains are AI controlled minions that appear in the campaign and skirmish mode and are used to help train the player in the tutorial. Like regular classes, they can be locked on and can attack in the same pattern, striking from one of the three guard positions, but they lack both the unique traits of the other classes and the ability to perform combos. While most only carry swords, some of them do carry a shield as well. They are harder to kill than soldiers but are rather passive compared to the other classes.

Standard Captains are armed with longswords/nodachis, and are capable of blocking attacks and dealing decent damage to players not paying attention to them. Sometimes they will Guardbreak, but they will only throw a player if they are close to a ledge.

Shield Captains are armed with shortswords/katanas and a faction specific shield. (Round for Viking, crest for Knight, rectangle for Samurai.) They behave sort of like Warlords where they will go all block stance and retaliate any attack they block with an unblockable stab. Unblockable attacks or Guardbreak combos can defeat them easily.