These ruined structures point to long-lost rituals and a spirituality that no longer seems to exist. A place of peace and worship has become an ideal battlefield. The design of these structures is clearly influenced by the Knights, and the land surrounding the cathedral is as deadly as the warriors fighting for it.

Overview Edit

The entire map revolves around the cathedral that the map is named for. The cathedral is large with a balcony lining the inside with the stairs going down to the cathedral entrance and a broken bridge. One side of the cathedral faces the edge of a cliff and the other faces a hillside. The broken balcony on that cliff is in shambles and anyone who is not careful will get thrown off. The back of the cathedral has become unstable, the ground opening to form a multitude of geysers

Sections Edit

  • Geysers
  • Broken balcony
  • Cathedral
  • Hillside
  • Cathedral entrance
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