Fighting StyleEdit

Conquerors are heavily armored fighters armed with a massive flail. They destabilize and overcome enemies through multiple defensive abilities and strong attacks.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Defensive Fighting
  • Auto-blocking defense mode

Special CapabilitiesEdit

  • Interrupts attacks with standard block
  • Highly effective defensive mode
  • Unblockable shield-based attacks


Tier 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Speed Revive

Passive | Rapidly revive fallen teammates.

Unlocked at level 1
1 - Speed Revive

Passive | Capture and upgrade control zones faster.

Unlocked at level 5
Body Count

Passive | Killing soldier grants you health and stamina.

Unlocked at level 13
1 - Body count
2 Juggernaut

Trade movement speed for better defense.

Unlocked at level 1
2 - Juggernaut
Shield Basher

Passive | Shield based attacks now deal damage. (Shield bash which cannot be blocked or parried will now deal damage equivalent to light attack with default attack values on weapon)

Unlocked at level 7
Fiat Lux ("let there be light")

Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.

Unlocked at level 15
3 Punch Through

Passive | Deal damage on blocked attacks. (Kind of a useless passive according to testing)

Unlocked at level 1
3 - Punch Through
Heal on Block

Passive | Blocking regenerates your health.

Unlocked at level 9

Pugno Mortis ("fist of death")

Throw an explosive projectile dealing damage over an area.

Unlocked at level 17
4 Dauntless

Your actions can't be interrupted for a short duration.

Unlocked at level 1

Passive | Regenerates your health when out of combat.

Unlocked at level 11
4 - Regenerate

Call a catapult strike over an area.

Unlocked at level 19

4 - Catapult

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