"In desperate times, conscripted criminals refill our ranks. Sometimes, however, you find a diamond in the rough. The most elite earn their name: Conquerors. Strong as a battering ram, resilient as a fortress gate, their flail is as dangerous to the wielder as it is to the enemy. But in the right hands it becomes... unstoppable."

Conquerors are a playable hero class in For Honor.


Ex-prisoners and forced conscripts who have risen to the rank of elite soldier. Originally pressed into military service as sword fodder, those who are skilled enough to survive are promoted out of the rank and file and given heavy infantry training. They are heavily armored warriors, relying on a defensive style and their massive flails to whittle away at their opponent’s stamina until they fall under the Conquerors’ massive onslaught. Climbing from the lowest ranked to this prestigious role in the Knight’s forces, Conquerors have earned the respect of their peers through determination and feats of arms.[1]


The default Conquerors wear pot helms along with plate armor hidden beneath cloths and leather with their faction's color embroidered on it. They have what appears to be a shackle wrapped around their right wrist with a chain wrapped around their arm.


Footman's Flail - The flail is one of the most vicious weapons used by the heavy infantry of the Iron Legion. They are made of heavy iron chains linking a stout wooden handle to a massive steel-spiked ball. The flail inflicts massive wounds through concussion as it crushes both armor and bones.

Footmans Flail

Footman's Flail


  • The Conqueror's default armor is one of an older design.
    • This is supported by their pot helm, which was mostly worn during the Crusades, and the usage of shields, which were not used by later knights due to armor technology advancement. The tunic they wear over their armor is also identical to those worn by the crusaders.
  • The Pop Top execution was known as the Bash 'N' Dash in the alpha.
  • According to many historians, the flail, as it is being used in the game, might have never been used in medieval combat in reality. Most of the examples of flails found in museums are claimed to be fakes, and while it is true that the flail is depicted in a some medieval artwork, those same pictures did have dragons in it so i'd maybe take it with a grain of salt. The reason that the flail wouldn't have been used is because of the incredible difficulty that would come with using the weapon effectively without accidently hurting yourself, which would outweigh the benefit of being able to surpass parrying using the chain. 
  • That being said, a 2-handed version of the flail, consisting of two cylindrical pieces of wood connected by two chain links, has been speculated to have been implemented in medieval battle.


  • Latin: Te occidam! - English: "I will kill you!"
    • Male Conqueror, Shield Bash
    • Female Conqueror, Full Block Stance
  • Latin: Te affligam! - English: "I will crush you!"
    • Female Conqueror, Shield Bash
    • Male Conqueror, Full Block Stance

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