Dominion is a multiplayer PVP mode in For Honor.

Dropped down a hole

Domination is the 4v4 version of For Honor. In this game mode, two teams fight for control of the battlefield by taking objectives and eliminating enemy players. This mode relies on communication and teamwork as well as skill. A single player can queue up against AI but their team will still be made up of actual players. Create a team with friends and any empty slots will be filled by the matchmaking system.

The objectives on the map are generally composed of one central area and two outer areas. Soldiers will converge in the center and attack other soldiers first but will also attack any players who attack them. While they can be taken out generally in one hit, allowing them to pile up could be troublesome. Even those on the ally team can be hindering as they don't generally move out of the area and can be difficult to get around or move through. The outside capture points will be taken by players or players vs AI. Taking an area will not only reward points to the team that captures it but deducts points from the team that loses it. The zone will begin rewarding points to whichever team has control of it. The more zones being controlled, the faster a team's score will increase. An area being held will grant healing to any allied player standing or moving through the captured zone.

When a team has gained 1000 points, it will cause the opposing team to 'break' (known as Breaking in-game). The opposing team will no longer be able to respawn. If the breaking team can reduce the other team's score below 1000 by capturing areas, the 'break' will be lifted and their fallen warriors can respawn. Whichever team can eliminate the opposing one wins.


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