Duty - watching the city burn
Duty is the first chapter in the Samurai Story Campaign . Completion of the Knight and Viking campaigns are required before the Samurai story becomes available. The Vikings have invaded the Imperial City and the Emperor is dead. Buildings are on fire and the Vikings are ransacking and plundering. The Orochi has been freed from the prison by Okuma , Ayu and Momiji . The Orochi leads the fight to take back the city. This mission has five Breakables and eight Observables.

Initial Cutscene

The Orochi: Home. We Samurai lost our true home long ago. Now, to us, that word means something different. We made a new home, but we have to fight, to hold it. I wasn't going to be fighting anyone from inside a prison cell, but my friends, my daimyo, saw an opportunity and took it. 

Orochi:"They're Burning the city!"

Ayu : "We are leaving." Looks to Orochi. "I said we are leaving. Let's go."

The Orochi : "I can't."

Momiji : "This is how you ended up here in the first place."

Silent nod as everyone agrees to fight.


The mission takes place inside the Imperial City. The first objective is to Destroy the Gate. Look for a Fire Arrow Pick-up nearby and use it to blow the gate open. There are flammable devices on either side of the gate. Target these from a distance with the Pick-up and activate it.

The next objective will be to kill the Viking invaders. Once the gate is open, a few Vikings will come through, so the fight begins here. Watch for more Fire Arrows in the area. Go through the gate. There will be more flammable containers (look like red and yellow propane bottles on a pole). Use arrows to make them explode if there are enemies around it. This will kill minion warriors instantly and do significant damage to AI bot opponents. Be sure the item you are shooting at is targeted, or the arrow will fly past it.

Orochi comments that Tosen is missing. He should have been defending the bridge. The area here can be a bit confusing as there are multiple levels of buildings, many with horizontal ladders as bridges between them. Players cannot jump down from buildings, so they will have to find a path around to get to lower levels. The fight will move to ground level, then up a hill to the north on a mud path. There will be multiple Vikings to clear out around a building at the top of the hill. Watch for more opportunities to cause explosions.

Once the appropriate AI opponents have been killed, the objective will update. Orochi and the female Kensei need to reach the bridge. The bridge is on ground level, so players on rooftops should look for a way down. When the bridge is reached, Orochi will roll across it as it gets destroyed from burning. S/he will mention wanting to find Momiji (the Nobushi ) . Momiji is nearby, protecting three poison containers. Once found, the objective here will be to protect all three containers through several waves of Vikings.

Grab the Poison Trap Pick-ups inside the marked zone and use them at entry points. Placing them will not activate them unless a Viking comes through the targeted area as the trap is being set. There are four choke-points that should have traps set on them. Replace them as they are activated by Vikings. Players will still need to fight the Vikings that come through, but they are easier to kill if Poisoned. As long as one poison source survives the attacks, the mission will continue. 

The mission updates and the objective is to push the remaining Vikings back through the main city gate and get it closed. Look for more Pick-ups include Inspire. Use this to rally the warriors and give them a temporary buff. The fight will contain a mix of warriors and AI bot players. Once a majority has been defeated and the group reaches the gate, a new cutscene will start. The Samurai will have the gate almost closed, when they are pushed back open by Apollyon's horse as she yells" TO THE PALACE!". The Blackstone Legion pushes through, leaving a stunned group, minus the daimyo (leader) Kensei Ayu. 

In the last scene, Apollyon has captured a handful of city leaders, including Ayu. The Orochi and her companions watch from the safety of nearby rooftops. Apollyon ask the first daimyo if he was willing to take the place of the Emperor. He refuses and is killed. Next, Apollyon asks the next leader,Seijuro, the same question. His reply - "After I kill the rest of them, I am coming to kill you." to which she replies.."ah, a wolf." With this, she tells her men to leave the palace to Seijuro and let the others fight over the scraps. Ayu and the others are removed. Seijuro yells "Who do you think you are?" to which Apollyon replies "War. I am war."




  • During the opening and ending cut scenes, cosmetic inconsistencies can be seen. Ayu, the Kensei, is seen with the Descending Dragon ornament, but for the rest of the game she is seen with a unique gold moth ornament. In the ending scene, the Orochi won't have his/her chosen ornament.
  • In the opening scene, Ayu is shown holding her nodachi at the hip with the blade down. Martial arts revolving around the use of swords teach to have the blade up. Also, nodachis were not typically held at the waist like the katana.