Elimination is one of 5 multiplayer game modes in For Honor. It consists of  8 players (4 per team) competing against each other. The team that manages to eliminate the other is the victor. If the timer ends, the team with the highest renown will be declared the winner. While some of the maps are the same as the ones used in Dominion mode there are also a number of new maps as well.  

All players start in separate corners of the map, paired off with an opponent. Once the round starts, how they proceed is up to them whether that is to engage the opponent in front of them, or flee to help an ally. Boosts are placed around the map that can help the players. All that is needed is to stand in the zone for a short period of time to receive the boost. Players will need to not only rely on their fighting skills but play to the strength of their character as well.  

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