Executions are the designated cinematic finishing moves in For Honor.

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If your final klling move on an enemy Hero is a heavy attack, then you are given the chance to perform an execution. Some Heroes will have exceptions where they can perform executions from other methods, but those are few and far between. Executions cannot be performed outside Guard Mode or during certain special heavy attacks.

Every Hero starts with two default executions, with more that they can purchase from the store with Steel, the in-game currency. A Hero can have up to four Executions equipped at any time to use during a match.

A successful Execution will remove the executed enemy's ability to revive, on top of extending their respawn timer by three seconds. However, Executions are interruptible (except when in Revenge Mode) by other Heroes, therefore it is possible to save a dying ally if the Execution has not progressed far enough. A successful Execution is indicated by what can be called "the climax," the moment when the executed is beyond saving. This is displayed through a distinct sound effect, but also with other visible factors, such as when the executed Hero has lost their limb or head, or when they've been gruesomely stabbed or slashed during the execution. Emote effects make it more clear when an execute is successful, with a flared animation occurring at the "climax".

A Hero who successfully performs an Execution will have their stamina fully restored, on top of a bit of health regained. Each execution has a defined amount of health regain between 20 and 50, where executions with a longer kill time and/or duration typically granting more.

Executions also leaves the executioner vulnerable, thus always performing an execution may not be viable.

Heroes Executions Edit


  • * = does this ability allow enemies to remain facing away from Executioner when killed from behind?
  • Kill Time: Time taken for execution to be confirmed; has visible and audible trigger
  • Duration: Time taken for the execution to play-out (if the execution can be cancelled, earliest cancel time added after slash "/")
  • Use this information for charts


Name Visual Backstab* Kill Time (seconds) Duration (seconds)
Hilt Strike No 2.1 seconds 4.5 seconds


Name Visual Backstab* Kill Time (seconds) Duration (seconds)
Skull Cracker Rdex (1) No 2.1 seconds 4.5 seconds


Name Visual Backstab* Kill Time (seconds) Duration (seconds)
Beheader Kex1 No 2 seconds 3.3 seconds

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Trivia Edit

  • As shown above, some Executions can also be performed from behind (unofficially called "backstab"). If not, the Execution will turn the body to face towards the executioner at the start of the execution or mid-way. This is entirely cosmetic.
  • A select number of executions can be cancelled midway. These executions are unique since they are split into two parts, where the cancel-able portion is a cosmetic animation. Heroes who have executions that can cancel are Lawbringer and Shaman.
    • Lawbringer's "Oh Come On!" cancels the earliest, around half way through the animation. All the other cancel-able executions cancel near the end.

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