Feats are abilities that Heroes can have aside from combat in For Honor.


Every Hero has four Feats. However, these feats are not all unlocked at the start of every match, and have to be earned progressively by performing tasks, such as killing enemy Heroes or capturing points. Certain Heroes are more specialized towards certain tasks, earning more points from them for Feats than other tasks. The first Feat earned is usually an all-around useful Feat with a low cooldown if an active, while the fourth and final Feat will always be a Feat with great effectiveness.

A Hero starts with four Feats. As a Hero gains levels before they reach Reputation 1, they will gain access to more Feats, up to three in each of the four Feat slots. The selection of Feats are fixed, reflecting to an extent the Heroes' area of expertise. However, there is enough customization for a Hero to be played in unique ways when equipped with different combinations of Feats.

Some Feats are passives, being automatically applied and constant once unlocked. Other Feats are active, and require the activation of the Feat for it to be used, or even be aimed if a projectile. Active Feats have a cooldown, longer the stronger a Feat is.

For more specific information on what Feats a Hero has, go to the respective Hero's article page.

Story ModeEdit

The Story Mode has its own separate set of Feats that the player can use, but is limited to only two. Playing the campaign will grant new options of Feats, and later on level up Feats to be more effective. See more on the designated page.