Feats are abilities that are earned by playing For Honor. When a player selects a hero, they will be able to place up to four feats in that hero's loadout. A Once the player is in the game, the Feats are not immediately available but are unlocked during gameplay, based on the experience earned during combat. Some abilities remain passive and are automatically applied. Others require a directional press on the D-Pad (console) or a specific key (PC) to enable.

Heroes played for the first time, will not have feats available at first as they have not yet been earned for that character. Feats activation is reset at the beginning of each match. Feats can be different per hero. For more specific information, go to that hero's article page .

Feats earned in the Story Campaign are separate from those earned in Multiplayer and can only be used in the single-player story mode. For a list of those, see Story Feats

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