Forests are a common battlefield in Ashfeld, Valkenheim, and the Myre. They’re natural lines of defense and can prove labyrinthine to invading forces.

The most hostile forest is most certainly the Samurai-themed Myre. It’s an endless swamp that can leave warriors lost and disoriented. When fighting in the forest, be sure to get a proper lay of the land; it might save your life!

Overview Edit

The entire map is centered around the tower in the middle. One side of the tower is a pit bamboo spikes. Hanging over that on a cliff is the face path, allowing for fast travel around. Connected to this elevated face path is the bamboo bridge, a dangerous location to fight on due to how narrow it is. Anyone who stands on the bridge and looks off into the distance will face the bamboo forest, a very aptly named location. The Red Shrine sits on the edge of a cliff, half of it already fallen victim to the Myre's ever changing landscape. Right next to the Red Shrine are the marshlands with a broken bridge going over it.

Sections Edit

  • Bamboo forest
  • Bamboo bridge
  • Tower
  • Face path
  • Broken bridge
  • Marshlands
  • Red Shrine
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