Fujikiyo is a character that appears in For Honor's single player campaign

Overview Edit

Fujikiyo was the commander in charge of Fort Kaiyo Kabe that the Warborn attacked during the campaign mission Up The Beach. He was seen killing three other warborn soldiers before The Raider arrived. After ranting about losing the fight, he challenges The Raider into a duel and is subsequently defeated by The Raider.

Personality Edit

Fujikiyo seems to be a stressed and hostile man, owing to the fact that the player is attacking them. He is prideful, claiming that he would kill The Raider who opened the gate as punishment for his action. He has also shown a disdain to the Viking's style of living, calling them 'Savages'.

Media Edit


Fujikiyo as he appears in game

Fujikiyo 2

Fujikiyo planning to kill The Raider before he dies.

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