Saburo Fujikiyo is a character that appears in For Honor's single player campaign.


Fujikiyo was the commander in charge of Fort Kaiyo Kabe. He was first seen when Warborn attacked the fort during the campaign mission Up The Beach. Near the end of the mission he was seen killing three Warborn soldiers before The Raider arrived. After ranting about losing the fortress and his men's lives, he challenges The Raider to a duel and is subsequently defeated. Before he was commander of the fort he was a great champion of the Samurai whose feats in battle earned the attention of the emperor and as a result was appointed commander of Fort Kaiyo Kabe.


Fujikiyo seems to be a stressed and hostile man, an attitude that is brought about by the attack on the fortress. He is shown to be vengeful, claiming that he would kill The Raider as punishment for their actions that brought about the fortress's fall. He has also shown a disdain to the Viking's style of living, calling them 'Savages'. He was also tactical as he was seen guiding his forces in a defense against the Vikings.