General Tozen is the final boss of the Viking Story in For Honor's single-player campaign.


A legendary general among the samurai, Tozen was tasked with protecting the city of Koto. A formidable opponent, many warriors who fought him were usually never heard from again. When the Vikings approached the front gate, inadvertently cornering themselves, Tozen led a brigade to attack them from behind. Even to the Vikings it appeared that this was a killing maneuver, but The Raider managed to defeat Tozen. Before Tozen was killed by The Raider he acknowledged the Raider's fighting skills, but before he could finish he was struck by the Raider and plunged to the bottom of the bridge. This inspired the Vikings and caused the Samurai under Tozen to retreat and leave Koto open to plunder.


Though he shown as an honorable warrior, Tozen was not above using deception to fight his foes. When facing The Raider, he threw down a smoke bomb and sent in three orochi dressed as him to fight. Tozen is confident in his fighting abilities, especially his speed; when he realized he was losing to The Raider, he threw down a smoke bomb and retreated so he could shed his armor and move faster. He acknowledged that the Champion is a better swordsman than him.

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