Gudmundr is a character that appears in For Honor's single-player campaign and the final boss of the Knight Story.


Gudmundr was the Viking Jarl who was in charge of Svengard during the Blackstone Legion's assault. He tried to stop the Warden from repairing the battering ram but failed and the collapsing gate ended their battle. The two faced each other again but some Viking soldiers ordered Gudmundr to retreat.

The Warden dispatched the soldiers and chased the Jarl to the central hall. Devastated by the destruction of the food supplies and knowing what this would mean for his people, he did not even initially react to the Warden's arrival. They faced off once more and the Warden defeated him. He died cursing the Warden and the Blackstone Legion for what they did.

Along with his sword and shield, Gudmundr has a number of wolves that he has tamed that he sometimes calls to his aid. His reputation of using wolves has earned him the name "The Jarl of Wolves." These wolves were completely loyal to Gudmundr and obeyed his commands.


Gudmundr was considered a legend among his people, having led them to many victories. The only thing that rivaled his passion for battle was his devotion to his Viking brothers and sisters.

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