The Heavies are the most resistant heroes. They have a strong defense and a large health pool. Their attacks are slow, but when they hit, they hit very hard.

Given their characteristics, Heavies are great picks for Dominion, where they excel at: Slashing soldiers on the front line, defending a controlled zone, playing a support role in group fights. In Dominion, Heavies score the most Renown points for:

  • Defending a zone.
  • Boosting a zone.
  • Assisting kills.

Heavies are slow, but that does not mean they're not adapted to modes more focused on kills and combat skills.

  • Their resistance makes them good at delaying fights in Skirmish and Elimination, giving teammates the opportunity to join the fight and outnumber the enemy.
  • They can surprise and annihilate all players who attack them carelessly with their defensive abilities: the ability to block in all directions for the Conqueror and the Warlord, and super armor ability on most of the Shugoki heavy attacks.

These four feats are common to all Heavy heroes and reinforce even further their resistance and resilience to enemy attacks:

  • Speed Revive (Level 1, passive). Reviving downed teammates takes less time.
  • Juggernaut (Level 2, active). Trade speed for very good damage reduction for a short period of time.
  • Punch Through (Level 3, passive). Deal damage even when attacks are blocked.
  • Regenerate (Level 4, active). Regenerate health passively.

The Heavy heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Conqueror wield their flail with brutality as they can strike with heavy attacks. Even when on the defensive, they can use their shields to assault their foes. When surrounded they can resort to their defense mode and survive.
  • The Warlord trade a bit of their offense to be faster than the other Heavies and still just as hard to kill. With sword and shield, they are capable of harassing and countering-attacking when they've properly waited out. Even while attacking, they keep themselves protected from that angle.
  • The Shugoki are the slowest among the Heavies in both attack and movement, but with their Kanabo, they have the most devastating attacks to impart upon their foes. On top of having the highest health, their stance is literally uninterruptible, which paired with their destructive abilities makes a fight against them long and one no one should let their guard down so easily during.

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