The Heavy is one of four playable types of Heroes in For Honor. Easy to identify by either their robust build or a noticeable tool of defense, these Heroes sport high resistance and defensive options.

These beefy warriors hold the highest raw survivability compared to the other three types of Heroes (the Hybrids, the Assassins, and the Vanguards). However, because they are not as mobile, they are typically tasked with working with the team to hold positions until reinforcements arrive. A well-trained Heavy will remain patient, relying on their defensive abilities to resist incoming attacks and wait for their opportunity to strike back with surprising strong blows.


The most resilient to damage of all types. With a strong defense and a larger health pool than other Heroes, the Heavy swings slow but hard. Their seemingly sluggish nature may make them look like they're not adapted for combat and killing, but enemies should still be wary of their presence on the battlefield. Even if their main role is to be able to take a few more hits than other fellow Heroes, their attacks are not any less painful.

Given these characteristics, Heavies are great picks for defensive play in Dominion, holding key points on the field. They can choose to wander to help their dueling allies, but their slow speed risks wasted time as speedier enemies capture the Zones.

Although this type of hero tends to be better-fitted for objective defense or tanking situations, they can excel in duels as well if they play with overall passivity.

Heroes of the FactionsEdit

The Heavy heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Conqueror wields their flail with brutality, able to swing it in unending succession. Even when on the defensive, they pay no heed to playing dirty as they bash opponents with the face of their shield. Even if they do not sport any flashy attacks, their simple yet brutal flail punishes those who are not ready for a good beating.
  • The Warlord, as their name denotes, are leaders among the Vikings, rightfully gained because of their loyalty. With sword and shield, they are capable of harassing and countering-attacking when they've properly waited out. Using their shield in conjunction with their strikes, the Warlord keep themselves protected as they trade blows.
  • The Shugoki are the slowest among the Heavies in both attack and movement, but with their kanabo, they have the most devastating attacks to impart upon their foes. On top of having the highest health, the Shugoki features an uninterruptable stance that allows them to periodically not be shaken by incoming attacks, leading to their capability to trade destructive blows with their foe.
  • The Jiang Jun are generals among the Ancient Chinese armies, wise veterans who have mastered the Guandao moon blade. They swing with great momentum and in large arches, defending against multiple enemies at one time. Although each swing of the Guandao is exhausting, the Jiang Jun can use their Sifu's Poise to rapidly regenerate Stamina, making it difficult to catch one in an exhausted state.