The Heavy is one of four playable types of Heroes in For Honor. Aside from their robust build, they are easily identified for having a large shield and/or a heavy blunt weapon of some sort. With high resistance that grants them the highest raw survivability compared the other three types of Heroes (the Hybrids, the Assassins, and the Vanguards), they are typically tasked with working with the team to hold positions until reinforcements arrive. However, the Heavies must be patient, relying on their defensive abilities to hold off attack and wait for their opportunity to strike.


The most resilient to damage of all types. With a strong defense and a large health pool, the Heavy swings slow but hard. Their seemingly sluggish nature may make them look like they're not adapted for combat and killing, but enemies should still be wary of their presence on the battle field. Typically, slower tanks have higher damage while the more mobile tanks feature disruptive attacks.

Given these characteristics, Heavies are great picks for Dominion because of the following: taking damage on the front lines, defending a controlled zone, playing a support role together with more offensive allies in team fights.

Heroes of the FactionsEdit

The Heavy heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Conqueror wields their flail with brutality as they can strike with heavy attacks. Even when on the defensive, they can use their shields to assault their foes, paying no heed to playing dirty. When surrounded they can resort to their defense mode and survive.
  • The Warlord trade a bit of their offense to be faster than the other Heavies and still just as hard to kill. With sword and shield, they are capable of harassing and countering-attacking when they've properly waited out. Even while attacking, they keep themselves protected as they hold their shield up in that angle.
  • The Shugoki are the slowest among the Heavies in both attack and movement, but with their kanabo, they have the most devastating attacks to impart upon their foes. On top of having the highest health, their stance is literally uninterruptible, which paired with their destructive abilities makes a fight against them long and one no one should let their guard down so easily during.