Heroes refer to the playable characters in For Honor.

Overview Edit

There are currently four Hero types with one of each type in each of the three factions. Each Hero comes with their own set of skills, weapons, armor and fighting style. Every hero is different and will fulfill different roles, even within their own class. With a wide library of customization options, players are able to personalize their Heroes to not only look and feel unique, but also tailored to their combat style.

Hero TypesEdit


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  • Vanguards are well-balanced Heroes with good attack and defense capabilities. They also have great versatility. In a 1v1 scenario, this versatility allows them to deal decent damage while also being able to take damage. In 4v4, they can fulfill a multitude of roles including offensive, defensive, and disruption. This is due to the Warden's overall stats, the Raider's disabling fighting style, or the Kensei's range.


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  • Assassins are swift and lethal. The have good offensive skills and high running speeds but low health. In 1v1, they can use their abilities to deflect and evade while striking back though they must be careful not to sustain damage. In 4v4, their speed means they can quickly help allies attack the furthest control points or ambush wandering enemies. Berserkers use their speed to find targets and their agility to stay alive with their harassing play style. Peacekeepers are agile and with their counter-attacking capabilities, they can get in close, inflict bleed, and retreat as the enemy's health drains. Orochi have an assassin fighting style, ambushing unsuspecting foes, dealing lethal damage, or retreating the moment things go wrong.


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  • Heavies have the highest resistance to damage, either by an ability or by health pool. In 1v1, they will rely on their defense to wait for the right opening before striking back at their opponent. In 4v4, their ability to shrug off damage makes them excellent for holding points and surviving until reinforcements arrive. Slower tanks have higher damage are great at holding control points while the faster ones may not have the damage but their survivability gives them the ability to disrupt enemies and assist allies. Conquerors can chain multiple attacks with their flails and still attack even in defensive mode with their shields. Warlords are not high damage dealers but they are decently fast and still hard to kill, meaning they can disrupt enemies and assist allies. The Shugoki is the slowest and has the most devastating attack but they are slow in both attack speed and run speed making them excellent at holding points.


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  • Hybrids are a mix of the other three types, meaning they may can fulfill a role with a combination of two traits found in the other three classes. The Lawbringer is a heavy vanguard that mixes the heavy's survivabiilty with the vanguard's assault. Nobushi are lightly armored like assassins but their long range means they can control zones like a vanguard. Valkyrie are durable like heavies because of their shield and has the disabling traits of an assassin.

Hero FactionsEdit


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Action kensei

The Samurai, also known as The Dawn Empire, come from a land far to the East, and they tell a tale of a homeland and an Emperor that were lost to sea and fire during the last great cataclysm. Now, more than a millennia later the nomadic warriors roam no more and have rebuilt themselves in a new land with a new Emperor.


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Samurai vs knights

The Knights, also known as The Iron Legion, believe that many, if not all of the ancient ruins were built by their ancestors. The Knights had been scattered for centuries but have begun to reunite under a single banner, that of the Iron Legion. There are those still however, who choose to gather their own "Legion" and their alliance with the Iron Legion is shaky at best.


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Vikings - the raider hero

The Vikings, also known as The Warborn, were previously thought to have vanished. Now they have returned - in great numbers - from across the sea. They have come to take new lands, plunder, expand the clans and reclaim their ancient homeland in the North. Hundreds of clans now dominate amidst the cold and icy tundra.