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Hervis Daubeny is a character that appears in For Honor's singleplayer campaign.


Hervis Daubeny is a Warden and was the former warlord and master of the Warden in the campaign. Players are introduced to him in campaign mission Warlords and Cowards. He is a knight that has not declared an allegiance to any of the knight factions and he, along with those who follow him, are considered mercenaries.


Daubeny appears to be a somewhat shrewd, and occasionally arrogant individual. He dispatches an enemy Warden, then postulates to his nearby soldiers that "that is how it is done- you see?!". Indicating that he seems to hold his soldiers to a high standard. Either that, or the stress of the battle was making him act irrationally. When confronted with Holden Cross (AKA: Asmodai), Daubeny seems to immediately recognize the threat that Cross posed, and determined that his chances of defeating the Lawbringer were next to none. Hence, why Daubeny likens Holden's demand for a trial-by-combat to an execution. This causes Cross to present his second-in-command, Ademar as one who would fight on Cross's behalf. Daubeny, as though determining that anyone who could earn the rank of Cross's second would be a credible threat, chooses The Warden as the one who would fight on his behalf.

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