Vikings inhabited Valkenheim for many generations before taking to the sea to raid new lands. They have only recently returned and have rediscovered the ruins of their ancestors.

Altitude gives great advantage in battle. High forts are harder for attacking armies to reach, and those controlling them have a clear view of approaching dangers. These ruined forts are of great importance in the battles to come.

Overview Edit

The High Fort is a series of paths that ultimately lead to the fort and the courtyard. Attackers can come down the breach and cross the battlefield to reach that location. A catapult remains left on the field though it can no longer be used against an army so close. On one side of the field is the tower with both a ladder and a stair case up to the top. There is also a door at the top of the tower, leaving an opening for anyone to enter via the elevated ground. On the other side of the field is a mesa with a giant Viking statue connected to the land via three bridges.

During Dominion, the attackers have been making their way up to the fort. The the defenders can easily see the approaching army and their archers open fire. The attacking army takes cover and their own archers return fire. The commotion catches the attention of the defenders who rush to hold off the invasion. Since there is no point in stealth, the attacking army charges into battle.

Sections Edit

  • Attacker breach
  • Attacker battlefield
  • Defender Battlefield
  • Battlefield mid
  • Tower
  • Giant statue
  • Defender courtyard
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