"Like the rocks that break the waves, Highlanders have weathered many storms. Ancient alliances kept their lands but their owes have come due. They join our war out of obligation but they are not to be underestimated. Their claymore is the heaviest sword ever wielded. It can cut down even the most armored warrior. The elements battering their lands have made them strong. War has made them deadly."

Highlander are a playable hero in For Honor.


The Highlander is not a typical hot-headed Viking. Ancient alliances and obligations have pulled them into this war, otherwise they would have remained guarding their homelands. They can stay in a defensive posture and stand toe to toe with the fiercest of warriors, weathering the flurry of blows with their claymore, until they see a momentary weakness and then they pounce! Their true strength and speed revealed with sweeping strikes and heavy blows. They are never going to be the first to jump into battle, they will plan each move and always be ready to counter. The mountains have made them hard and resilient. War has made them deadly.


Highlanders have most of their armor covered by their clothes but some scale armor can be seen. They have a fur cape and a metal head band. Their pauldraons and greaves are made of leather and they wear a gray kilt.


Claymore - The heaviest and longest sword on the battlefield. Cuts through armor.

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  • Though aligned with the Vikings, the Highlander appears to hail from Scotland and assists the Vikings due to ancient alliances between the two people.
  • While the official description says the Claymore is capable of cutting through armor, actual Claymore swords are unable to cut through armor.
  • The Claymore in game appears to be inspired by a specific Scottish sword, a two-handed sword also known as the Highland Claymore.
  • While the term 'Claymore' is often used to talk about the heavy two-handed word, 'Claymore' is also the name of a Scottish variant of the Basket-Hilted sword.
  • While intending to say the Highlander is not a 'hot-headed' Viking, the official website mistakenly says the Highlander is not a 'head-headed' Viking.
  • Before Marching Fire, the Highlander alongside the Shaman, was the only hero in For Honor to not have some kind of headgear or mask that obscures his face.


  • Gaelic: Dunmaghlas! – English: "Touch not the cat unless you're wearing a glove."
    • Entering offensive stance
      • Dunmaghlas is a Scottish war cry that can be traced back to the Highland Scottish clan, Clan MacGillivray
      • The phrase is an idiom that essentially means 'Do not challenge me unless you are prepared for it.'