Honor - The Orochi and Momiji in Ashfeld
Honor is the fifth mission in the Samurai Story Campaign. The Warlord Seijuro  has been defeated and has now joined Ayu's united army as a Commander. The Orochi and Momiji have been sent to Ashfeld , not to attack the Blackstone Legion but to find a safe way to the fortress for the warriors. This mission has eleven Observables and ten Breakables.

Before the Emperor's Champion led Ayu's army into Ashfeld, they came here on a scouting mission. They would need to find safe passge for their army to my fortress. But Ashfeld has changed. - Apollyon

Initial Cutscene

The Orochi: Apollyon had been as generous to her own people, as she had been to ours. I needed to understand what was happening in Ashfeld, so we explored


The Orochi and Momiji have entered Ashfeld but were surprised to find a trail of bodies along the path. The two split up to look around. Wach for Breakables right away. There will be patrols in three different directions. Which one is chosen first doesn't seem to matter. Look for Observables near the patrols. After taking out patrols on the ground, head for the nearby castle and go across the bridge. Momiji will be waiting there.

Once inside, jump on the Ballista and take out the archers on the battlements. This is not timed but Momiji will be fighting alone on the ground until the player joins her. Battle ground troops to secure the zone. There will be multiple waves of AI to fight. Look for Breakables inside the courtyard.

After the final wave is defeated, a cutscene will start and Momiju will mention she saw a Warden and soldiers headed away from the castle. She and The Orochi agree to follow.


Orochi: organised

Momiji: I saw a Warden...Leading a group of knights Away from the fortress.

Orochi(in head): Apollyon's borders were open. Who had done this?

(jumps to new fortress,more detail in paragraph below)

Orochi:I know that one. Warden

Momiji: Are they rebelling? Are they allowed to do that?.... I think we should leave.

Orochi: Why?

(arrow flies over their heads. Orochi and Momiji run. Momiji gets hit in knee)

Catching up with the Warden, they find her inside a smaller castle where soldiers are turning in their Blackstone shields for Black Iron ones. While they watching this from a higher level spot, Momiji suggests they leave. When The Orochi asks why, an arrow flies over their head. Too close for comfort, so they get up and run. As they do, Momiji takes an arrow to the knee. The Orochi must help her safely escape the castle. The player will need to fight through several warriors without getting too far ahead of the injured Momiju.

Once outside, the objective will update and player will have to defend Momiji from several warriors. If the player has picked up a Stalwart Banner on the way out, use one here. The player will fight through a few waves of soldiers. When a cutscene starts, s/he pushes Momiji over a nearby barricade and turns back around just in time to get knocked out cold by The Warden.

(cutscene,more detail in paragraph below.)

Warden: We are not your enemy, Champion


(Warden takes Orochi's Katana from Holden Cross,holding handle to Orochi and blade to Warden

Warden: We are no longer Blackstone.

(Orochi takes Katana and attempts to kill Warden. ALL of Iron Legion start to enter)

Warden: NO!! This is my fight.

The next scene shows the Warden standing over The Orochi on their knees. The Warden tries to get Orochi to understand that they are on the same side, but the Orochi is having none of it. After being given back their weapon, The Orochi attacks The Warden and a duel begins. The Warden will use a Stalwart Banner during this fight. If the player still has one left, it's not a bad idea to use one here as well.

(Cutscene, more detail below)

(warden falls to knees. Orochi attempts to decapitate before hilting sword)

Warden: I was right. You ARE the Emperor's Champion. You'll find the path to the blackstone fortress. Clear

Defeat the Warden and the final scene begins. The Orochi allows the Warden to live, and The Warden explains that the path to the Blackstone Legion's fortress has been cleared. As The Orochi leaves, The Warden wishes them "Good luck".

The Orochi: I had taken my measure of that Warden. Once you have crossed swords with someone, you know their heart.




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