The Hybrid is one of four playable types of Heroes in For Honor. They are most recognized for being a mixture between two of the other three types of Heroes (the Assassins, the Heavies and the Vanguards). They may be harder to understand to play due to their uncommon mechanics, but they are lethal in the hands of the player who takes the time to master them.


Due to being different combinations of the three other Hero types, they do not share common role traits. However, what is a common point is their complexity, where they aren't easy to learn and require time to understand. Once mastered, their skills allow them to reign terror upon the unprepared. Some Hybrids will show features of one of their combined types over the other.

Hybrids are good picks in all modes. Their moves and tactics that are not strictly classified by the three other Hero types make them difficult to predict, so in good hands they can be efficient duelists, deadly in Duels and Brawls. In team based modes such as Dominion, they can fulfill unique pocket positions on the battlefield.

Heroes of the FactionsEdit

The Hybrid heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Lawbringers brandish the poleaxe, a weapon that is versatile in that it can slice, bash and stab with designated parts of its construction. These knights are sturdy with heavy armor while excelling in counter-attacking, keeping their foe off-balance by block breaking, and throwing the enemy. They are a mix of the Heavy and the Vanguard.
  • The Valkyrie, chosen of the gods, are as versatile as they are complex. With a spear in one hand and a shield in the other, the combination of both gives way to combo attacks, with some surprises in the mix as an attack can come from either. They are also capable at pressing enemies back and stalling their advances. They are a mix of the Heavy and the Assassin.
  • The Nobushi wield the naginata, a polearm with a curved blade at the end. Adept at zoning, once their techniques are realized and mastered, they can pester their foes with harassing attacks from afar. Their attack range, which is the highest of all Heroes, allows them to hit those who even attempt to dodge to the side. They are a mix of the Assassin and the Vanguard.
  • The Centurion utilize the gladius, a short sword that allows them to attack from a close distance. The Centurion also does not mind getting up in their opponent's face to pack a nice punch and fell their foes. They are a mix of the Vanguard and the Assassin.
  • The Highlander fights with the mighty claymore, the heaviest sword ever made, in two deadly stances: a defensive stance which allows him to block and unleash quick strikes and an offensive stance which lets him unleash powerful swings and blows on the enemy. They are a mix of the Vanguard and the Heavy.
  • The Aramusha is a Samurai fallen from grace who dual wields a pair of blades. They are not silent nor elegant but they move with the precision of a predatory cat and waste no movements. Their dual blades make short work of any who stands before them. They are a mix of the Heavy and the Assassin.
  • The Shaolin reigns from the Wu Lin faction, a warrior monk who keeps the prayers of his temple close to him. Although his staff may be plain, his athleticism and unique martial arts offer a multitude of attack methods with it. He is a mix of the Vanguard and Assassin.


  • Thus far all hybrid heroes have locked genders.