The Hybrids are each a combination of two other types:

Lawbringer - Heavy/Vanguard

Nobushi - Vanguard/Assassin

Valkyrie - Heavy/Assassin

Centurion - Vanguard/Assassin

Since they're each a different combination, they share fewer common traits than heroes of the other types.

Hybrids are good picks in all modes. Their surprising moves and tactics make them difficult to predict, so in good hands they can be efficient duelists, deadly in Duel and Brawl. With their zoning and support capabilities, they can also be very efficient in team-based modes. In Dominion, building the Renown score of a Hybrid is all about seizing opportunities on the battlefield. Depending on the situation, the same action could reward more or less Renown.

Each of the four Hybrids has its own combat specialty:

  • The Lawbringer's gameplay relies heavily on parries. Parrying successfully with the Lawbringer opens the opponent to diverse efficient attacks.
  • The Nobushi's gameplay relies mostly on her long range (the longest in the game naturally, not including shinobi heavy), her Hidden Stance, and the bleed properties of some of her attacks.
  • The Valkyrie's gameplay relies on her ability to charge her heavy attacks while still defending in guard.
  • The Centurion's gameplay relies on his ability to deplete enemy stamina, as well as causing his opponent to fall, leaving them open to a high-damage jump attack.

The Hybrid heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Lawbringers brandish the poleaxe, a weapon that is versatile in that it can slice, bash and stab with designated parts of its construction. These knights are sturdy with heavy armor while exceling in counter-attacking, keeping their foe off-balance. When not in the focus of battle, the capability to capture zones and revive allies is in their hands.
  • The Valkyrie, chosen of the gods, are as versatile as they are complex. With a spear in one hand and a shield in the other, the combination of both gives way to combo attacks, with some surprises in the mix as an attack can come from either. They are also capable at pressing enemies back and stalling their advances.
  • The Nobushi wield the naginata, a polearm with a curved blade at the end. Adept at zoning, once their techniques are realized and mastered, they can pester their foes with harassing attacks. Their attack range, which is the highest of all Heroes, allows them to hit those who even attempt to dodge to the side.
  • The Centurions utilize the gladius, a short sword that allows them to attack from a close distance. The gladius was an extension of a centurion's arm which allowed their strength to be demonstrated in battle. They did not rely solely on the gladius, and utilized their armored fist as well which are as strong as iron.

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