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Fighting StyleEdit

Kensei are balanced samurai armed with nodachi. They are slower than other units but have longer melee range. They provide interesting defensive abilities and deliver devastating attacks.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Adaptable Fighting Style
  • Good Melee Range

Special CapabilitiesEdit

  • High Heavy Attacks are Unblockable
  • Many Maneuvers and Attacks Initiate Chain Attacks


Tier 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Fast Recovery

Passive | Stamina regenerates faster.

Unlocked at level 1
1 - Fast recovery
Body Count

Passive | Killing soldier grants you health and stamina.

Unlocked at level 5
1 - Body Count
Iron Lungs

Passive | You can still sprint when out of stamina.

Unlocked at level 13
1 - Iron Lungs-0
2 Inspire

Allies deal more Damage, soldiers fight faster.

Unlocked at level 1
2 - Inspire-0
Smoke Bomb

Throw a smoke bomb on the ground that breaks the lock.

Unlocked at level 7
2 - Smoke Bomb
Chilling Stare

Nearby enemies have lower attack and defense.

Unlocked at level 15

2 - Chilling Stare
3 Second Wind

Recover some of your health.

Unlocked at level 1
3 - Second Wind-0
Long Bow

Fire a long bow for moderate damage. (85 dmg)

Unlocked at level 9
3 - Long Bow-0

Gain immunity from throw attempts for a short duration.

Unlocked at level 17
3 - Steadfast
4 Arrow Storm

Aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple areas.

Unlocked at level 1
4 - Arrow Storm-0
Stalwart Banner

Nearby allies continuously regain health.

Unlocked at level 11
4 - Stalwart Banner

Your attacks can not be blocked for a short duration.

Unlocked at level 19
4 - Unblockable

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