Marching Fire is a content update coming to For Honor. It was revealed at E3 2018. Scheduled for release on October 16, 2018.

This DLC will include a new faction, the Wu Lin with 4 new heroes, Tiandi, Jiang Jun, Nuxia and Shaolin. It will also include Breach, a new PvP mode. as well as significant visual enhancements and an upcoming endless singleplayer and two-person co-op PvE mode.


  • New PVP Mode - Breach - Attacking players must breach a castle with a battering ram while defenders must protect the castle and their lord. The mode also bring new maps.
  • New Heroes - The Wu Lin Faction - These warriors are a part of ancient China, but they now travel west seeking vengeance from war, betrayal, and personal tragedies.
    • Tiandi - Vanguard - The Tiandi are loyal protectors to Kings, Queens, and Emperors. They are masters of the dao blade, the weapon of choice for these Royal Guards.
    • Jiang Jun - Heavy - The Jiang Jun are generals among the Ancient Chinese armies. They are wise leaders who have mastered the guandao weapon.
    • Nuxia - Assassin - The Nuxia are trained bodyguards and assassins who often disguised their talents through dance. They are deadly artists of the hook swords.
    • Shaolin - Hybrid - The Shaolin are fierce warrior monks known for their athletic, monkey-like fight style, and their prowess with a staff. They hold their written prayers close to them at all times.
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  • Graphical Enhancements - Better visuals than ever before. Improved global illumination, and new sky and cloud technology. Also improved is the user interface.
  • Endless PVE mode - for single-player and co-op.
  • Get the PC Starter Edition of For Honor free.