Out of tranquil marshland rises a Samurai village, a densely-populated maze of twisting alleys and unusual architecture. Here the people live in stilt houses above the water, and the landscape has necessitated a push skyward, creating multi-tiered neighborhoods at varying elevations.

Navigating the village is a significant challenge for visitors and invaders alike, but a system of ziplines is sure to expedite travel.

Overview Edit

What would be a dizzying maze of buildings is actually surprisingly simple and broken down into two sections, connected by a pair of bridges. The Torii path is a sealed path that leads into a bamboo forest but can be accessed via the courtyard to the side. Both courtyard and Torii path cut through that part of the town with the main road coming from the court yard and the market road coming from Torii path. Between these two paths are the back alley rooftops, a particularly dangerous area as on the ground you face the threat of drop attacks and on the rooftops you face the threat of being thrown off. This is the first half of the town and is connected to the second half via a bridge to the stables and, ultimately, the gate entrance. The alternate path if the upper roots path, a bridge going under a massive tree.
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