Fighting StyleEdit

Peacekeepers are fast, maneuverable, and deadly. They use their dagger to inflict Bleed Damage to their opponents. Their limited range is compensated by high mobility to counter enemies or back away to safety.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Counter-attacker fighting style
  • Short range but high mobility

Special CapabilitiesEdit

  • Very fast attacks
  • Use dagger to cancel or confirm attacks into Bleed damage
  • Deflect ability


Tier 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Bounty Hunter

Passive | Gain Health & Stamina when you kill another hero

BountyHunter Icon-0

Passive | Hide yourself from the HUD, Radar & Aim Assist

Stealth Icon-0

Passive | Capture and upgrade control zones faster.

2 Fiat Lux ("let there be light")

Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.

Thick Skin

Passive | Gain moderate Damage reduction. (Approx. 25% damage reduction)

Revenge Attacks

Passive | Attacks fill the revenge meter

Unlocked at level 15

RevengeAttack Icon
3 Crossbow

Fire a crossbow bolt for medium Damage. - 37 second cooldown with minimal feat. cdr. (below default0 and 20 second cooldown with maximum feat cdr. (fullstatbar)

Pugno Mortis ("fist of death")

Throw an explosive projectile dealing damage over an area.

Sharpen Blade

Attacks inflict low Damage over time.

SharpenBlade Icon
4 Fear Itself

Enemies around you have lower Stamina regeneration and defenses


Call a catapult strike over an area.

4 - Catapult
Last Laugh Passive | Drop a high Damage grenade when you die.

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