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Picking Up the Pieces - do you know where Ayu is
Picking up the Pieces is the third mission in the Samurai Story Campaign. Ayu has defeated her fellow Daimyo and has regrouped what was left of her kin. A new and undeserving Warlord sits on the throne, placed there by Apollyon herself. The Vikings have been pushed out of the city, but not before making off with their plunder. Ayu intend to stop them before they reach the boats. This mission has six Observables and five Breakables.

I expected the Samurai civil war to last for years, not days. Nothing unites like a common enemy. The Vikings had not had time to escape the Mire with their bounty. That Orochi, Ayu and their allies, set out to try to stop them. - Apollyon

Initial Cutscene

The Orochi : I followed Apollyon's trail into the Mire. I was searching for Ayu .

The Orochi turns over a dead daimyo and questions him. "Well, well, well. Do YOU know where Ayu is?" In the distance, a Viking horn is sounded.


The first mission objective is to reach Ayu. There are Viking warriors scatted in the Mire. Some are avoidable. Following a path, the player will fight their way to Ayu. Watch for Breakables in the swamp. The Vikings will be in a small outpost and will confront The Orochi. Kill them and move inside.

Ayu and her allies will be in the center of the outpost fighting with multiple Vikings. Move up a set of stairs to take on multiple AI including a Raider and a Warlord. After they are killed, a cutscene starts. A short uniting conversation between Ayu and The Orochi takes place and a Viking horn is heard again. Ayu directs The Orochi to secure the docks. Okuma comes along to help.

The docks are close by and guarded by several Viking. Killing them fulfills the objective. Before The Orochi can stop all of them however, the remainder of the Viking clan slowly leave the docks in their boats - already loaded with bounty. The Orochi calls for archers, but Ayu has arrived and tells Orochi that there are more pressing matters. The matter of the undeserving Warlord on the throne.




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