Reconnaissance - Runa in the Mire

Reconnaissance is the fifth mission in the Viking Story Campaign . The Vikings have taken on the Samurai and defeated the first outpost in their path. Now they need to find a safe way through the Mire before they can reach the city of the Great Emperor. The Valkyrie  Runa is sent to find a way. There are 12 Observables and 10 Breakables in this mission. 

To reach the great city of the Emperor, the Vikings now faced the Mire. Here, brute for would not suffice. Skill and knowledge would be needed to cross safely. The Warborn Valkyrie, Runa, was sent to find a way through. - Apollyon

Initial Cutscene

Runa: The Mire. An apt name for a terrible place. I was sent to find a way through. Let's starting by finding an outpost, or a camp, or something.


The first objective is to explore the Mire. As the player moves through the surrounding area, enemies will appear on the map and in the field of view. Watch for Pick-ups and Breakables in the zone. When enemies are spotted, the objective will update and the player will need to start killing the ambushers. After the enemies have been defeated, one will release a flare into the sky as he dies. An alarm is sounded and Runa notices a path in the same direction as the alarm and comments that whoever she wanted to talk to, was probably in the same place. The objective updates and Runa is driven to find the source of the alarm.

Following the path east, she encounters a guarded watchtower.  The objective updates and Runa comments on a nearby Viking Berserker prisoner in a cage. She will need to kill the guards. a cutscene will play showing a dying minion lighting a firework signal. afterwards Runa will say" who say that must be who I need to talk to." .she will then free the prisoner. He will mention activity to the North by the docks. The objective here is to reach the docks. The Berserker will join Runa in her fight.

As Runa gets closer to the docks. she sees more Samurai warriors and suggests that one of them might know how to get to the city. She and the Beserker kill the warriors but just as the last one dies, Stigandr arrives on the docks and a cutscene starts.

Stigander: "So, what did they tell you?"

Runa: (Looks at the dead warrior and back at Stigandr) "I don't speak Japanese."

Stigander: (Obviously befuddled) "Well, now what? We need maps!"

Runa: "There's a monastery."

Stigandr: "How do you know?"

Runa points her spear at the monastery in the distance. Stigandr laughs and tells her to stay put and wait for backup. Knowing she probably wouldn't, he makes sure to tell her again. Naturally, the second he trots away, so does Runa, in the direction of the monastery.

The first objective in this section of the mission is to reach the monastery. The path will lead across a bridge where she is met by a Samurai Orochi . A fall here is lethal. Kill the warrior and head west up the path into the monastery. The new mission objective will be to reach the top. Duel the Nobushi and watch for Breakables. Head north across a bridge to a nearby building. Inside this one are Breakables, a Fire Flask and stairs. After killing the warriors, continue up the stairs and kill those at the top. Watch for a second set of stairs in the same building and continue up those. This will put the player at the top of the monastery and the objective will change. Runa will need to kill the boss.

The boss is a Shugoki . There are parts around the tower where the railing is missing and it may be possible to push the boss through them using Shield Tackle or a Guard Break. After defeating the boss, Runa will locate the map for the Mire in a nearby crate. In the cutscene that follows, she encounters another warrior and is spotted fighting by a group across the compound. The Samurai leader of the group calls for his archers and has them fire on her (and is speaking perfect English to his men ironically). She grabs the warrior she is dueling with and uses him as a shield. The arrows kill him instantly.

Runa has the map and needs to escape, avoiding enemies if possible while doing so saying" in hie sight, I probably should have waited for backup". Head down the stairs and out the way you came. Fights on the stairs are probably unavoidable, but once Runa is back on the battlement, head back to the initial bridge, ignoring everyone else. Once she crosses, she will cut the ropes that bind it on her side, leaving the Samurai with no option to pursue saying" I have found it, a safe way through the Myre". This will end the mission.




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