River forts protect lands from ship-based invasion. Equipped with powerful catapults, they sink hostile vessels before they get too close.

The fort is a typical fortification of Viking origin found on northern rivers where they’ve established colonies. They’re usually built by fortifying a riverside fishing village into a fully-fledged siege engine battery. The soldiers manning the catapults are highly trained specialists adept at sinking ships.

Overview Edit

The entire fort is centered around the overwatch rampart at its center, which overlooks the battlefield and the river lookout. The river lookout holds a catapult that would be used against any ship. Attackers come from the forest and will have to traverse the battlefield in order to reach the barracks and seize the fort.

In Dominion, no ships can pass without facing the river fort. So the first order of business is to take over the fort. Soldiers climb ladders to attack the fortress. But the defenders know they're coming. The catapult is adjusted to lay siege to the fleet while a horn sounds to rally the soldiers and warn them of the invasion.

Sections Edit

  • Attacker forest
  • Battlefield attacker
  • Battlefield defender
  • Battlefield mid
  • Overwatch rampart
  • Defender rampart
  • Attacker Rampart
  • Defender Barracks
  • River Lookout
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