Runa is a character that appears in the For Honor Singleplayer Campaign

Overview Edit

Runa was a Viking Valkyrie that helped take down Ragnar and free her fellow Warborn from Siv. Once that was complete, she took part in the Great Raid. As a scout and tracker, when it came time to cross the Myre, Runa was sent ahead to scout and find a map that could help the Vikings find a way through.

Personality Edit

Runa was brash and impetuous but she was good at her job. When she was sent to try to find a way through the Myre, she killed everyone she saw, rather than interrogate them, under the excuse "I don't speak Japanese". When it came time to raid a monastery for maps she went ahead by herself rather than wait for reinforcements.

She is disturbed by Helvar's practice of taking the scalps off dead enemies, comparing it to the practice of putting severed heads on pikes.

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