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Sabotage - Mercy

Sabotage is the fifth mission in the Knights Story Campaign. In this mission, players will become familiar with the Knight assassin class - The Peacekeeper . Mercy is the main character here and she has been sent by Apollyon to clear a path from the Knight's camp to the inside of the nearby Viking outpost. Once there, she will need to sabotage the elevator system.

There are 10 Observables and 5 Breakables to look for. There will also be four objects for players to interact with once they reach the fort. Peacekeepers use a neutral stance mechanic. There are multiple campfires along the path. Pushing the enemy into them will cause them to burn. 

Initial Cutscene

(Peacekeeper trailer) VO: When wars end, it is the silent blade that keeps the peace. But when wars rage, the Peacekeeper's work is never done. Quick and bold, they can win a fight with their enemy that knows they are there. Dancers of death with dual blades as a dancing partner, what they know can destroy legends - or create them.

Mercy: Our army needed passage. The Warborn can be...creative, when they want to be.


Mercy will be standing on a snowy path. Continue up the path and eliminate Vikings along the way. After the first group, look for an Observable nearby. It will be a corpse on the ground. Mercy will comment that Holden Cross should have sent her first rather than scouts and she regrets not saying anything. After two more groups of Vikings, look for an Observable on a wooden boat. Mercy will comment that the boats docked there, are a sign of a path to the top. Watch for large vase-looking Breakables and a variety Pick-ups on the path. 

There are several more small Viking camps before reaching the top of the hill, along with an Observable from which Mercy will comment about Viking ancestry. The outpost itself is nestled into a small valley carved into the mountain. On reaching it Mercy will decide to sabotage the elevator and find a way to block the Vikings inside their feast hall. The nearby main front gate has an Observable that will prompt Mercy to say that there has to be another way in. Go back to the top of the hill and look down. There will be a Viking near the ledge. Use a jump attack to reach him and kill him. This will put Mercy inside the outpost. 

The nearby hall has an interaction on the front door. Activating it will cause Mercy to block the door with an axe, trapping all inside. Both right and left paths will lead to the elevator located behind the tavern. Eliminate enemies and look for two mechanisms to be interacted with. They will be inside the elevator building. Mercy will remove the safeguard lever and temporarily block the gear's movement with spears. Go up a ladder and kill the Viking upstairs, then use a final mechanism to raise the elevator. A cutscene will start. Mercy leaps out of the building, over the head of a Warlord and the elevator is destroyed. Mercy returns to her camp. 




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