The land in the Myre is not particularly conducive to large construction projects, but that hasn’t stopped the tenacious Samurai! They built their Sanctuary cities on hilltops and managed to keep them elevated from the swamp floor.

The bridges leading into these Sanctuaries were built from necessity, but they now act as a natural choke point for invading armies. The army that can take the bridge will control the Sanctuary beyond.

Overview Edit

As its name suggests, the Sanctuary Bridge is a massive bridge with a bell tower near the forest entrance and a tower with a cherry tree near the sanctuary. There are lanes on the sides of the bridge that allow for easy and unnoticed travel but if you do run into someone, be wary you are not thrown off. There are pits near the middle of the bridge. At the sides of the main bridge are gates but its mechanisms are damaged. Pulling the lever will, instead of closing the gate, drop the gate down upon anyone under it after a second.

In Dominion, attackers intending to attack the city on the other side of the bridge. The lead soldier gives a yell to initiate the attack. Catapults and archers open fire. In the sanctuary, catapult fire rains down on the buildings. Left with no choice, they go out to meet their enemy on the battlefield.

Sections Edit

  • Defender sanctuary
  • Defender lane
  • Defender lower path
  • Attacker forest
  • Attacker lane
  • Attacker lower path
  • Bridge attacker
  • Bridge defender
  • Bridge mid
  • Cherry Tree
  • Bell Tower
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