"Theirs was a secret society. Even we Samurai were not sure if they even existed or if they were just a myth...until they came out of the shadows: shinobi. Their weapon, the kusarigama is like no other. It echoes through our past and proves they are indeed from our blood. Trained in secret, their presence on the battlefield can be felt before they are even seen. We now know they are always close, waiting for the right moment to strike. They have now entered this war and won't leave until their job is done."

Shinobi are a playable hero in For Honor.


The Shinobi are silent warriors who move with a dancer's grace and kill with the precision that can only come from a lifetime of disciplined training.. [1]


The shinobi takes on the image of a pop culture ninja, clad in dark shinobi shōzoku with ropes, bombs, and a kaginawa grappling hook in the belt and a Sanjaku-tenugui covering the face. Leather bracers and shoulder pads cover the arms.


Kusarigama - The traditional Japanese weapon consists of a kama (japanese sickle) with a chain attached. It is brutal in close quarters but can also be thrown and retracted for medium-distance attacks


  • Shinobi (忍び) literally means "patience", and this is the short version of Ninja (忍者) or Shinobi no Mono (忍びの者), one who waits patiently for the right opportunity to strike.
  • Shinobi in For Honor were inspired by their real-life counterparts, also referred to as ninjas (which is another word for Spy).
    • Unlike pop culture tendency to make ninjas to be assassins dressed in a black shōzoku. In real life they would usually dress themselves as ordinary people to avoid suspicion.
  • Historical shinobi's primary duties were espionage, sabotage, and guerilla warfare, while occasionally carrying out assassination attempts.
  • The Shinobi wears the popularly seen shinobi shōzoku, though this was not a standard shinobi uniform. While it is possible shinobi wore these to carry out their missions they would wear whatever was best suited for that mission.
  • While shinobi are often portrayed as sworn enemies of the Samurai in pop culture due to differences in their honor codes, shinobi were often working for the Daimyos and many shinobi were samurai.
  • Kusarigama are weapons comprised of a sickle-like kama attached to a heavy weight via a long chain.
    • While the game portrays the kama being swung, it is the heavy weight that was used to bash armored opponents at a distance.
    • Should the weight be grabbed or snared by the enemy, the chain would be used to ensnare the enemy so they can be killed at close range by the kama.
    • While the the chain is often shown attached to the bottom of the kama's handle, it is often attached to the top end, near the blade, to assist it in ensnaring opponent's weapon.


  • Japanese: お覚悟 (O Kakugo) - English: "Prepare Yourself!"
    • Female Shinobi, Ranged Guard Break, After Second Heavy Hit
  • Japanese: 覚悟 (Kakugo) - English: "Get ready!"
    • Male Shinobi, Ranged Guard Break, After Second Heavy Hit
  • Japanese: 遅い (Osoi) - English: "Too Slow!"
    • Double Dodge Kick, Dash Kick
  • Japanese: しすっ (Shisutsu) - English: "It was a trick!"
    • Double Dodge Kick, Light Attack
  • Japanese: ここまでか (Kokomadeka) - English: "It seems this is my undoing"
    • Death
  • Japanese: 無念 (Munen) - English: "Regretful"
    • Death
  • Japanese: 必殺 (Hissatsu) - English: "Criticial Hit!"
    • Deflect

Fighting StyleEdit

The Shinobi excel at repositioning, are extremely mobile, and are able to move about the battlefield with ease and speed. However, their very low health and difficulty performing defensive counters leaves them highly vulnerable.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Mobile
  • Counter-attacker

Special CapabilitiesEdit

  • Able to position themselves using the back flip, front roll, dodge, cancel, and super sprint moves
  • Attacks at distance (very long-range attacks)
  • Grabs at distance (very long-range guard break)


Tier 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Body Hunter

Passive | Gain Health & Stamina when you kill another hero

Unlocked at level 1
BountyHunter Icon-0

Passive | Hide yourself from the HUD, Radar & Aim Assist

Unlocked at level 5
Stealth Icon-0

Stun nearby opponents with a scream

Unlocked at level 13
Kiai Icon-0
2 Smoke Bomb

Throw a smoke bomb on the ground that breaks the lock.

Unlocked at level 7
SmokeBomb Icon
Shooting Stars

Throw multiple shurikens in an area in front of you

Unlocked at level 7
ShootingStars Icon-0
Revenge Attacks

Passive | Attacks fill the revenge meter

Unlocked at level 15
RevengeAttack Icon
3 Sharpen Bladed

Attacks inflict low Damage over time.

Unlocked at level 1
SharpenBlade Icon

Gain Stamina on successful attacks

Unlocked at level 9
Nukekubi Icon-0
Slip Through

Passive | Dodging raises Attack for a short duration

Unlocked at level 17
SlipThrough Icon
4 Arrow Storm

Aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple areas.

Unlocked at level 1
Nail Bomb

A trap dealing Bleed Damage in an area of effect

Unlocked at level 11
NailBomb Icon-0
Yama Uba

Gain Health on successful attacks

Unlocked at level 19
YamaUba Icon-0


Hero SpecificEdit

  • Renown - Earn more Renown by assisting or saving Heroes, and defending objectives to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Revenge Mode - Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
  • Defense: Reflex - Your Guard Stance only remains active for a limited time.
  • Light Attack Combo - Shadow Dancer: Second Light Attack is guaranteed if first one hits.
  • Light Attack Combo - Ghoul's Rage: Light Attack is guaranteed if the heavy hits.
  • Charge - The Attack has 2 charging levels. The higher the level the more range your attack has.
  • Charge Limitations - If you are out of Stamina, you cannot charge. You can Dodge during the charge or Cancel by pressing E. When blocked, the charge is always interrupted.
  • Charged Attack - If parried by an opponent you will be unbalanced.
  • Deflect - Deflect by dodging in the direction of an attack just before impact. Deflecting teleports you behind the opponent and inflicts Bleed. It can be followed-up by a Kick or LMB.
  • Super Sprint - Consumes Stamina. While super sprinting, press ↑ to go back to sprint.
  • Double Dodge - Cancel your Dodge by performing another Dodge. Cannot Cancel a back dodge by another back dodge.
  • Grab - If reversed by an opponent you will be unbalanced.
  • Kick Mix up - Surprise your enemy by launching a Kick.
  • Tackle - Can exit the tackle by pressing E.


(From Guard Mode)

Type Name PC XB1 PS4
Chain Attack icon Shadow Dancer LMB, LMB, RB, RB R1, R1
Chain Attack iconBleed icon Sickle Rain RMB, RMB, LMB, LMB, LMB RT, RT, RB, RB, RB R2, R2, R1, R1, R1
Chain Attack icon Ghoul's Rage RMB, LMB RT, RB R2, R1
Chain Attack icon Spider Silk Whip Hold/Release RMB, RMB Hold/Release RT, RT Hold/Release R2, R2
Unblockable iconKnocked Down icon Tackle (Not in Guard Mode) ↑ + MMB LS↑ + X LS↑+ ⬜
Super Sprint ↑,↑ LS↑, LS↑ LS↑, LS↑
Charge Hold RMB Hold RT Hold R2
Charged Heavy Hold/Release RMB Hold/Release RT Hold/Release R2
Grab Hold RMB, MMB Hold RT, X Hold R2, ⬜
Unblockable iconBleed icon Sickle Rain Mixup Hold RMB, MMB, RMB, LMB, LMB, LMB Hold RT, X, RT, RB, RB, RB Hold R2, ⬜, R2, R1, R1, R1
Charged Kick Mix Up Ninja Icon, RMB Ninja Icon, RT Ninja Icon, R2
Grab Kick Mix Up Ninja Icon, MMB Ninja Icon, X Ninja Icon, ⬜
Front Roll Hold/Release RMB, Space Hold/Release RT, A Hold/Release R2, X
Unblockable iconPush Back icon Front Roll Kick Hold/Release RMB, Space, MMB Hold/Release RT, A, X Hold/Release R2, X, ⬜
Crushing Front Roll Hold/Release RMB, Space, RMB Hold/Release RT, A, RT Hold/Release R2, X, R2
Back Flip LMB or RMB or Ninja Icon, Space RB or RT or Ninja Icon, A R2 or R1 or Ninja Icon, X
Crushing Back Flip LMB or RMB or Ninja Icon, Space, RMB RB or RT or Ninja Icon, A, RT R2 or R1 or Ninja Icon, X, R1
Back Flip Grab LMB or RMB or Ninja Icon, Space, MMB RB or RT or Ninja Icon, A, X R2 or R1 or Ninja Icon, X, ⬜
Double Dodge Space, Space A, A X, X
Unblockable iconPush Back icon Double Dodge Kick Space, Space, MMB A, A, X X, X, ⬜
Double Dodge Light Attack Space, Space, LMB A, A, RB X, X, R1
Double Dodge Heavy Attack Space, Space, RMB A, A, RT X, X, R2
Unblockable iconPush Back icon Teleport Kick Unknown, MMB Unknown, X Unknown, ⬜
Teleport Light Attack Unknown, LMB Unknown, RB Unknown, R1
Bleed icon Shadow Strike Parry icon, LMB Parry icon, RB Parry icon, R1


*Star weapon

**Rarity unknown

Armor Styles

Weapon Styles


  • Foxglove
  • Holly
  • Elderberry
  • Death's Shadow*
  • Ivy
  • Oak
  • Hyacinth
  • Stork
  • Durable
  • Buzzard
  • Belladonna
  • Mandrake
  • Nightshade
  • Habu
  • Life and Death*
  • Elegant
  • Marbled
  • Silver & Gold
  • Flamingo
  • Ebony
  • Azalea
  • Oleander
  • Torikabuto
  • Celestial*
  • Vendetta
  • Dusk & Dawn*
  • Exquisite
  • Ancient Trickster*
  • Daffodil
  • Rosary Pea
  • Snakeroot
  • Serpentine*
  • Immortal*
  • Tengu
  • Onyx & Ivory* **
  • Harmonious Crane**
  • Dragon*
  • Akkorokamui
  • Undead
  • Upstream**
  • Sunrise Sunset**
  • Daruma**
  • Amaterasu* **
  • Fanning the Flames* **
  • Nihongi


HackAndSlash ScorpionSting Shadow Of Death
Hack and Slash
Scorpion Sting
Shadow Of Death
FlyingLotus GetBackHere! UnderTheBridge
Flying Lotus
Get Back Here!
Under The Bridge

Emotes Edit

Passive Stance Edit

FreshToDeath EpicTantrum
Fresh to Death Epic Tantrum
MallNinja BreakItDown
Mall Ninja
Break it Down

Fighting Stance Edit

ShowOfRespect BowAndBegin!
Show of Respect
Bow and Begin!
RespectfulSalute ShowOfSkill
Respectful Salute
Show of Skill







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