Viking shipyards are a wonder to behold! They have been crafting ships for many generations, and it is a skill that is passed down from parent to child.

Ships and siege weapons require massive warehouses to produce, and the Vikings control many shipyards along the coast of Valkenheim. The faction that controls them would surely have an edge over their enemies.

Overview Edit

With the shipyard facing the ocean, warriors can stand on the many bridges used as lookout points to look out past the gates and across the water. Be wary you are not tossed off because of how narrow they are. On the other end of the shipyward is the main gate. Standing between them are three docks. The one by the dragon lodge is empty but the one by the crane docks has the new ship still under construction. And the third by the old docks is a ship wreck, which sits next to the sawmill. With so many bodies of water, be wary you are not thrown into them or the spinning buzz saw in the sawmill.

Sections Edit

  • Lookout
  • New ship
  • Ship wreck
  • Sawmill
  • Dragon lodge
  • Crane docks
  • Old docks
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