Fighting StyleEdit

The Shugokis are the disruptor Tank. They absorb a lot of hits thanks to their high health and passive uninterruptible stance which allows a bit more freedom while attacking. He's excellent at dealing with crowds with his massive kanabo, but he's very slow, both in movement and attack.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Disabler fighting style
  • Hard hitter

Special CapabilitiesEdit

  • Passive uninterruptible stance
  • Charging heavy attacks
  • Light attacks not interruptible


Number 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Speed Revive

Passive | Rapidly revive fallen teammates

Unlocked at level 1
1 - Speed Revive
Iron Lungs

Passive | You can still Sprint when Out of Stamina

Unlocked at level 5
1 - Iron Lungs
Throw Farther

Passive | Throw enemies farther

Unlocked at level 13
1- Throw farther
2 Rock Steady

Passive | You cannot be stumbled or unbalanced by Parries and Throws

Unlocked at level 1
2- Rock steady
Smoke Bomb

Throw a smoke bomb on the ground that breaks the lock

Unlocked at level 7
2 - Smoke bomb

You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction

Unlocked at level 15
2 - Juggernaut
3 Punch Through

Passive | Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks

Unlocked at level 1
3 - Punch Through
Long Bow

Fire a long bow for moderate Damage (85 dmg)

Unlocked at level 9
3 - Long Bow
Hard to Kill

Passive | Losing Health increases your Damage reduction

Unlocked at level 17
3 - Hard to Kill
4 Staggering Blow

Heavy Attacks cause enemies to fall

Unlocked at level 1
4 - Staggering Blow
Arrow Storm

Aerial Attack that deals medium Damage in multiple areas

Unlocked at level 11
4 - Arrow Storm

Passive | Regenerate your Health when out of combat

Unlocked at level 19
4 - Regenerate

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