"We are far from home, we samurai. Each new land teaches us new things. Each new ally makes us stronger. The shugoki: once our guardians, they have become as family. And what more fierce protectors could we ask for? The kanabo is an unreasonable weapon; clumsy, dangerous... unless you possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will."

Shugoki is a playable hero class in For Honor.


Shugoki appear slow and cumbersome. Don’t let that fool you -- they possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will. It takes incredible fortitude to be the guardians of your people. You must defend them at all costs and put their needs above your own. This has never been an issue for the Shugoki. Their weapon of choice seems unwieldy. But in their hands, it is as deadly and precise as any blade. [1]


Shugoki wear massive wooden plates protecting their torso and arms. An obi sash around his waist holds the garments together. They wear no kabuto but their mask, known as a somen, gives them the face of an oni, a Japanese demon with the superhuman strength to wield a kanabo with ease. Their somen is a deathly white face mask with wide smile filled with sharp teeth and a pair of tusks.


Kanabo - This traditional club takes a skilled warrior to wield it correctly. It can deliver a crippling blow when it hits but leaves the user open for counter-attack if it misses.




  • Unlike the Kensei and Orochi, the mask the Shugoki wears is not a mempo, which covers the face from nose to chin, but a somen, which covers the entire face.
  • Shugoki (Kanji: 守護鬼) literally translates to 'guardian demon' in Japanese.
  • The Shugoki is the only heavy hero in the game so far to not carry a shield as his strongest defense is his immense health.
  • The Shugoki's entire design revolves around the Oni, wearing a mask with the face of an Oni and carrying a kanabo, which is a weapon associated with the Oni.
    • Coincidentally, Oni was the original name of the Orochi.


  • Japanese: 潔く死ね (Isagiyoku shine) - English: "Accept it and die!"
    • Demon's embrace
  • Japanese: 我が手中にあり (Waga shuchuu ni ari) - English: "It's in my hands."
    • Charging heavy attack
    • Demon's embrace from critical health
  • Japanese: ぬるいわ (Nuruiwa) - English: "Weak."
    • Hit while in uninterruptible stance
  • Japanese: 甘い (Amai) - English: "Naive!"
    • Hit while in uninterruptible stance

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