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Soldiers are AI controlled minions that appear in the campaign, dominion, and skirmish mode. They do not need to be locked on and take only one hit to kill and have weak attacks but can be a problem when swarmed. Soldiers only attack on capture point B (on map The Shard, it is point C) and are locked in a stalemate battle between other soldiers and need to be killed by the other team in order for them to push and capture the point.

There are for all three factions and are identifiable by their helmets, body armor, and shield

  • Viking soldiers do not have visible armor but may be wearing chainmail under their clothing. They wear spangenhelm helmets and carry round shields while wielding Carolingian swords.
  • Knight soldiers wear brigandine over chainmail. They have sallet helmets and carry kite shields while wielding arming swords.
  • Samurai soldiers wear tosei-gusoku, armor made of horizontal plates. They wear kabuto helmets while using te-date as shields and wielding katanas.

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