Steel is the in-game currency.


The in-game currency, steel, is easily earned in a variety of ways.

  • At the end of every match, with the amount awarded varying between the match's type.
  • Through Daily and Timed Orders.
  • Through Events.
  • At the end of every round & season of the Faction War, with the rewarded amount varying on the success of your own faction.
  • By completing the practice modes. One-time
  • Through the Story Campaign, be it by finishing each mission or collecting Steel through broken pots in each mission. One-time
Mode SP
Basic Practice Mode
2000 Steel
Advanced Practice Mode
1500 Steel
4000 Steel
100 - 500 Steel per Order
Mode PvP PvAI Solo
Dominion 50Steel 40Steel 25Steel
Elimination 40Steel 32Steel 20Steel
Brawl 30Steel 24Steel 15Steel
Duel 26Steel


As the game's main currency, Steel can be used to purchase everything, from Heroes to cosmetics. If you do not have any scavenger crates, steel can be used to purchase the Crates to scavenge for gear.

Steel should not be mistaken for Scavenge, something that can only be obtained by scrapping Gear. Scavenge has its own exclusive purposes that Steel cannot fulfill, such as upgrading Gear.