Stone is a character that appears in For Honor's Singleplayer Campaign.

Overview Edit

Siege Edit

A master Conqueror and member of the Iron Legion, Stone was head of the defenses at Harrowgate, which was under siege from the Vikings. Apollyon ordered The Warden to assist. Despite initially being shocked and disappointed by the quality of the assistance given to him, he accepts it nonetheless and they succeed in repelling the Vikings. However, the city's defenses were permanently crippled and he and his knights pledged themselves to the Blackstone Legion.

A New Legion Edit

As part of the Blackstone Legion, Stone would work side by side with The Warden to help repel the Vikings from Ashfeld. Their first duty was to retake the outpost in the Ashfeld Moor. In the process, they came across numerous Iron Legion deserters. Stone becomes particularly confrontational with deserters' conqueror. Negotiations break down and the two of them are forced to fight for their lives. While they are initially successful as holding off the attackers, the duo becomes overwhelmed and Stone is injured by an arrow. Fortunately, Blackstone reinforcements arrived and Apollyon personally dispatched many of the deserters herself.

He takes part in the attack on Svengård, burning down the store house. After the battle is won, he watches as Apollyon elaborates her plans to Holden Cross.

Rebellion Edit

Later on, Stone rebels against the Blackstone Legion, being recruited to join the New Iron Legion from The Warden, alongside Mercy and Holden Cross.

Personality Edit

Like all Conquerors, Stone is a former criminal pressed into service, rising the ranks thanks to his prowess with a shield and flail. Even The Warden would acknowledge his skill, saying, "Stone was a Conqueror, the best I'd ever seen." His skill would earn him the position as head of the defenses of Harrowgate. Stone is not above insulting his enemies and is often making snide remarks about his opponents. Still, the values instilled into him by the Iron Legion remained and The Warden would often consult him in personal matters, especially when it came to doubts about the Blackstone Legion.