Were it not a battleground, the Temple Garden would be one of the most beautiful and serene spaces. It is open, sitting against a hillside, with a sense of being one with nature.

It's a shame that the view from this temple is what made this place so strategically important.

Overview Edit

The entire landscape is built in front of the cliff tomb with stone paths leading down from the tomb to the central frog fountain. The attackers can access either through the exterior while the defenders can access this through the monastery. Standing before the cliff tomb is a giant tree on a small island connected via several bridges. The defenders can reach here via the Dojo garden while the attackers come from the other side through the Bell garden.

In Dominion, attackers are attempting to sneak into the city through the garden. They carefully eliminate the sentries first. A pair of soldiers are talking on a balcony and one of them is shot and killed. The same happens to the other but he succeeds in ringing the gong before succumbing to his wounds. The sound of the gong alerts the defenders, who order the gates to be sealed as they mobilize. With stealth out the window, the attackers charge onto the battlefield

Sections Edit

  • Attacker exterior
  • Cliff paths
  • Cliff Tomb
  • Defender monastery
  • Central frog fountain
  • Giant tree
  • Entrance courtyard
  • Dojo Garden
  • Bell Garden
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