The Great Raid - Vikings
The Great Raid is the sixth and last mission in the Viking Story Campaign. A map through the Mire has been obtained by the Valkyrie , RunaStigandr , The Raider and the rest of the Warborn clan have made their way across the swamp and to the Samurai Great City. They know this fight could be their last, but they have come too far to turn back now. This mission has five Observables and six Breakables .

Initial Cinematic

The Raider: Three days, we fought on that bridge. Behind that bridge lay a whole city full of plunder. And if we failed now, we would leave with nothing to show for it. One more push would do it.


The mission starts on the bridge to the great city. After three days of fighting, The Raider is ready for one more push. The objective is to push the Samurai Front back across the bridge. Reach the flag on the far side with the clan warriors to update the mission. Archers are pelting the field with burning arrows and need to be taken out. The only usable stairs are through the pack of Samurai minions. Clear them out and head up the stairs to the right. Capture the archer point (burning brazier in the center). There is an Inspire Pick-up here. Use it to rally your forces.

After taking the zone, go back down and help your clan reach the gate. There will be a fairly good mix of minions and AI player bots in this skirmish. The gate will be another contested zone. Eliminate enemies including a Nuboshi to capture it and start a cutscene. The gate is less of a gate and more of a double door. While Helvar and clan start chipping away at the door with axes, Stigandr launches a rope and grapple and uses it to climb over the door onto the upper battlement instead.

General Tozen has arrived and rallied his warriors. Unable to currently get through the gate, the focus (minus Stigandr) now turns to the General. A battle resumes on the bridge, The Raider and the Warborn will all yell " VALHALLA!!!" and then the Raider faces off with multiple AI bots almost identical to General Tozen while the warriors watch and rally. As soon as The Raider defeats the AI, he taunts the General. There will be two duels with General Tozen. The first one takes place on the bridge with Tozen in full armor. Tozen fights with the skills of an Orochi - fast and furious. Before he can be defeated, Tozen escapes in a smoke screen. Run up the stairs to the left, and across the smaller bridge where Tozen will be waiting. Tozen will say" The only one stronger than me is the emperors Champion. You are NOTHING!" He has removed some of his armor, he says to allow more mobility. There are plenty of places to get pushed off of here, so watch for those. Tozen will make it a point to herd the player toward them. He has the mobility to easily escape it.  Defeating General Tozen will start the next cutscene. The Raider joins back up with the Viking survivors and they head for the gate, which is still closed. As they approach, someone on the other side forces the gate open. It is Stigandr. The mission is over and the plundering begins. In the distance, on a hill -  Apollyon watches. 

Final Cutscene

The story cuts back to 5 years prior. Apollyon is at the map table with her commanding officers. When asked what the real plan was, she replies "War - the natural state of our species. Yet these 'monsters' flee from it. They're cowards. We must be brave for them."   Holden Cross states that "they cannot hope to trigger war everywhere". To this, she replies "We can, if we recruit our enemies to the cause."  




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