Whereas many see an arena as a spectacle, the Sanctuary is an untouched and holy court, where duels are initiated in solemn silence.


Located at the heart of the Myre is an ancient sanctum, a solitary place untouched by the ravages of war. Set in the shade of an indomitable fortress, warriors have journeyed from distant lands to discover their destiny in the fabled Sanctuary.

This secluded location was intended to be a place where warriors can hone their skills without any interference. There are no crowds of jeering warriors nor a goading figurehead atop a throne. Warriors who duel here duel for their own selves.

The Sanctuary is situated on palace grounds, right before the palace keep, and is laid upon a stone path. Statues of gods and sacred animals are on display around the Sanctuary, with Japanese elm and cherry blossoms bringing in nature to the grounds. Although the fences of this arena are shaped to make a square, gardens are placed at each corner to round out the ring.

This sacred court, like all dedicated PvP arenas, has no traps or hazards to worry about, allowing for a fair and clean 1v1 or 2v2. Whoever engages in this has only their skill to fall back upon.

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