These massive fortifications were built to keep sieging armies at bay for years. They have huge strategic importance in the ongoing Faction War.

These types of fortifications are what remain of great cities that once spanned across Ashfeld. Apollyon herself and her Blackstone Legion inhabited a fortress very similar to this one.

Overview Edit

One giant rampart protecting this seemingly endless castle, siege towers are needed to have any hope of attacking. The siege towers have secured an attacker landing and have direct access to the Ramparts mid via attacker ramparts. Likewise, Defenders coming out of the defender's gates have access to mid via the defender's ramparts. Corridors have direct access to the section of wall above the gate, easily identified by the two angel statues. This balcony overlooks the pit, the strip of land that leads to the front gate but obstructed by a moat. Warriors can easily run from the balcony with the twin angels to the pit via the corridors or they can run to the mid ramparts and slide down the ladders.

In Dominion, a siege is already underway. Siege towers have been offloading troops who charge into battle. Meanwhile, the defenders have opened their gates and have begun rushing out to meet the enemy.

Sections Edit

  • Attacking landing
  • Attacker corridor
  • Defender corridor
  • Twin Angels
  • Ramparts mid
  • Attacker Ramparts
  • Defender Ramparts
  • Defender's gate
  • The pit
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