Unity - Seijuro
Unity is the forth mission in the Samurai Story Campaign. The warriors outside the palace have been united and are now under the leadership of the Daimyo Ayu and The Orochi. Rather than going after the Vikings over material loss, it was decided that taking the Warlord Seijuro out of power, was the greater cause. The Orochi and Momiji lead the initial strike on the palace grounds. This mission has nine Observables and 5 Breakables.

Initial Cutscene

The Orochi: The Imperial Palace. A fortress within a fortress.

Ayu: (yelling toward the battlement above the closed gate) "Seijiro! Our people bleed! Put down your weapons!"

Seijiro: (looking down) "Then end this and kneel before me."

The Orochi: Seijiro wasn't giving up and he had strong warriors at his side. But we had numbers. We just needed a way in. I hadn't been inside the palace in three years. Not since the Emperor had ordered me imprisoned.


The Orochi and Momiji have managed to sneak inside the ground of the Palace, but their remaining troops wait behind the Palace main doors. The first objective is to reach the main gate. After moving forward across the bridge, there will be thin wooden doors on the building to the right. A warrior's form is visible through the paper. Attack the door to break it down. Kill the warrior and move on. In the next room is a Fear Itself Pick-up . Grab that and keep going.

Moving up to the courtyard area, players will see several warriors in training. Break through the door to the right and the wall just past it. Kill the enemy there and keep going straight through. Look for an Observable in the following room, then turn left and head through the next door. Watch for Breakables here as well.

Continue through the rooms (content may vary with difficulty) and take out the Shugoki. Take a right away from the courtyard and up the stairs. Players will reach an open area containing several warriors and an elephant. Use an ability to jump down and kill the warrior below. This will trigger a cutscene that will introduce the player to the mechanic for using the elephant.

Momiji: "HA! only the best for the emperor!"

Orochi: "our army is on the other side."(pull out Kunai)

Momiji: "I don't think that's a good idea."

(kunia hits elephant then orochi whistles, causing elephant to charge hitting gate maechanism)

Momiji will concentrate on the warriors. The Orochi needs to use the elephant to take out the gate controls. The elephant will follow The Orochi slowly. Move it a short distance away from the gate controls before running back to the control and whistling at the elephant (same control as Revenge). This will give the player time to move or dodge out of the way before the elephant charges. Once the controls are broken, a couple charges to the gate itself should break it open. Ayu, Okuma and the loyal Samurai warriors will charge through, joining The Orochi.

Go through the gate and push through the Front. It will be a battle from here to the Palace doors. Watch for fire arrow targets on the ground and stay out of them. Go up the ramp to the left, then to the right. The palace will be north, up the stairs. The player will need to kill the ambushers. If the Fear Itself feat has not been used yet, this may be a good time to use it or save it for the boss. This is the final fight in the mission.

After the ambushers are killed, Seijuro will jump down into the plaza saying "EXECUTE ME!. I will be remembered as the greatest warrior our people have ever seen." Seijuro will then say that his warriors will not follow anyone else. The Orochi then says "You will be forgoten. The emperor's Champion will defeat you" for Seijuro to respond "The emperor's rotting in a cell in the lower city". He then realizes he is face to face with the Emperor's Champion. This causes comotion over Seijuro's forces .This ends the cutscene and the duel will begin. Seijuro is himself an Orochi, so his skillset is the same as the player's. Once he is down to low health, he will drop to his knees and the final cutscene will begin.

Seijuro:...What are you waiting for?

Ayu: We need commanders, Seijuro.

Seijuro: You dishonor me!

Orochi: We need you. You are a Great warrior.

Seijuro: I won't serve beneath you.

Orochi:..Then slay me. Take my place. Command our armies.

Seijuro: You've gone mad!

Orochi: Apollyon did this to us. Not Seijuro. I WILL NOT FIGHT THE LEGIONS WAR FOR THEM!!!


Seijuro: Hah!....... The emperor's champion. Heading our armies again.

Orochi: I am going to Ashfield. Our enemy is there.

Mission end




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