Up The Beach - Vikings at sea2

Up The Beach is the fourth mission in the Viking Story Campaign. Having united the clans, and taken back the shipyard at Valkenhiem, the Vikings set out across the sea. Their goal is invading a Samurai hold. It was no secret that the Blackstone Legion had been attacking the Samurai in hopes of weakening them, just as they had the Vikings. Proof of the invasions were in the crates held at the recaptured Viking shipyard. The Raider and his jarl Stigandr sought to exploit the opportunity. There are six Observables in this mission.

Opening Cutscene The Raider: Apollyon's war had taken us to the edge of extinction, but that raid reminded us who we are. We began with a fortress on the sea. But, they knew we were coming. The gates of that fortress hadn't worked for a century. All we had to do was get through them. When those gates moved, the whole plan changed.

Gameplay On approaching the Samurai hold by sea, the Vikings ships were met by warhorns, flaming arrows and catapulted balls of fire. The Samurai also raised a wall of spikes from beneath the water's surface. Pointed in such a direction as to deter or destroy ship nearing the harbor. While not all the Viking ships made it to shore, many did, allowing the survivors of the Viking clan to reach the beach.

We are back with The Raider and the first goal is to 'Reach the bottom of the wall'. The gates that were assumed broken, had been repaired and fortified by the Samurai. Forcing their way through them was no longer an option. The player will need to fight their way through several groups of minion and AI bot warriors. The wall is to the right of the main gate. Players will then need to dispatch any enemies near the wall. Once the area is cleared, The Raider will command the Vikings to place grapple and rope launchers near the wall.

After a grapple has been launched and secured to the wall, the player will start to climb the wall. Avoid taking damage by using a combination of movement and dodge controls to avoid falling debris. At the top of the battlement, look for a Fury Pick-Up. Use this to raise attack and defense attributes as well as slightly increasing sprint speed. The next objective is to open the fortress gate. After picking up Fury, head left into the first open area. Several Samurai minions will run and close a spike-ridden gate behind them. To the right of that is a short staircase. Go up the stairs and through the next area is a ramp to the right. Follow that down and watch for a ladder in that section. A fall here is fatal. A Samurai Shugoki is waiting near the bottom of the stairs and will come up if The Raider does not come down first.

On that same section is the gate controls. Release it and the clan will run through. As soon as they do, an Orochi will come out and say hello. Kill him and find a path back to the ground. Look for an interactive control. This will allow The Raider to use a hanging chain to reach a lower battlement. Another duel will take place here. After killing the warrior, go down the ladder and help your clan push the Front. The goal will be a flag in the distance. Once this is reached, the clan minions will gather at a gate. The Samurai Kensei commander, named Fujikiyo, will close the gate once The Raider has gone through, blocking off all others and saying to him " It was you. Savage. You have destroyed everything. My fortress is lost, my soldiers, slaughtered. Soon I will join them. You opened the gate. Now, you will pay." Defeating him will end the mission.

The Raider: That day reminded our people what Viking fury can do. The Great Raid, they would call it.




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