For Honor launches soon. Players from around the world will be making the most important decision of their For Honor career. Which faction will they represent? Of course, the choice doesn't have to be permanent. Players can choose to change their loyalties whenever they want. This choice, when made later in a season however, can come at a cost. Why not make the first choice count?

Are you a player who isn't sure which faction to start with?
Here is a quick quiz that may help you decide.

Thanks for taking the personality quiz! We know that history doesn't always agree with the stereotypes we see in games and movies. Please take your results in the fun it was intended. After everyone has had a chance to dig into the game and get comfortable, we will be back with a poll so we can see what faction was the most popular among our users.

Now excuse me while I braid back my hair, sharpen my Dane Axe and prepare for war.

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